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The Concept of “Not Doing” Internships in Pakistan

This article was originally published in "The Nation" newspaper May, 4 2014

“You can’t get experience without a job – you can’t get a job without experience” this cycle of job and experience is so vicious.

You must have heard many people saying, I am highly educated, studied in a reputed university, passed out with good grades and have so many skills but I still never got a good job – why is that?

The reason is, organizations who are hiring, always look for some work experience, if there is no work experience mentioned in your resume, it is most likely to end up in a dust bin because, even smaller companies want to hire individuals who have at least little experience in professional industry. Doing projects and assignment in university is way too different than professional projects, no one in your university tells you the diversity and difference between two. University is like standing onto a cliff and diving is entering in a professional world, you always have to start from the scratch, except for those few who are always keen to take part in their extra-curricular activities in their schools/colleges or exactly know what their goal is and they start making way to achieve it, but that’s a rare case as most of the students in Pakistan like to stick to books only.

So, internships are designed for students who are fresh graduates or fresh masters and even those who are still studying. It is a great way to learn, explore and make professional contacts, not only this, people are also offered permanent jobs at the end of their internship period, if the performance is up to the mark, as Sana Khan, 23, says “I completed my 3 months internship at Ufone after graduating from university and luckily I got a permanent job there right after ending my internship”. Similarly, Khushbakht Abbas, 24, got hired in Capital TV as Assistant Producer right after completing her 3 months unpaid internship.

Internships are the best and easiest way of entering into a professional world and to get a seat in renowned organizations. Trust me, you will learn a lot, even if the job is to staple papers or arranging files. What could be best than grooming yourself in a professional environment and among highly experienced and professional personnel?

It gives the opportunity to explore different work cultures, to tackle with different kind of people and to realize what one’s true passion is. If, finance is one’s basic interest in university life, they might find out that they are actually good in sales or marketing. But it’s very important to experience both, one can never know what are they good at or what makes them happy unless and until they don’t try it.

Myths about Jobs and Internships:

Myth 1, I Have Good Grades, I don’t Need an Experience: Having good grades doesn’t mean you are good at work as well. So organizations not only want applicants to have good knowledge about things but also good skills to perform your daily tasks and to adjust in that work culture.

Myth 2, I Have Good References, so I will Directly Get a Good Job: Trust me, there is nothing better than and nothing as satisfying as having a seat in an organization that you “earned” yourself. Good references might get you a job but when you will be unable to perform your duties, they are definitely going to kick you out as no company want to have financial burden on their shoulders.

Myth 3, I can’t provide my contact details, I will be stalked: This is the biggest mistake one can ever make and there is hardly anyone who has time to stalk people, especially in working environment. Always provide your own personal contact number on resume, avoid mentioning father’s, mother’s or husband’s contact number, which is totally inappropriate.

Hence, it has been observed that internship proves to be a best way in acquiring experience beforehand and to enter renowned organizations in Pakistan. It also saves students from getting stuck into a job that is not of their interests.

8 thoughts on “The Concept of “Not Doing” Internships in Pakistan

  1. Classic, you know the biggest reason is that we are shy of getting into the practical life all by ourselves. earlier you quit the shyness better you would be adjusted. very precisely spelled out myths, another dilemma is that what all we are taught in the colleges/unis doesn’t commensurate much with what the practical happenings are. we must understand that theory just gives us a guideline to tackle the situations in practical life.
    Internship is the best way to add into the theoretical knowledge and to learn how to apply your knowledge in resolving practical problems.
    Good work, keep it up.

    • Thanks for your appreciative words sir. And yes, rightly said that our educational system is not properly designed to give students practical experience/approach. Therefore, freshers find it quite difficult to adjust in practical life after completing their studies.

  2. Excellent !!! rightly chosen topic and very well said. Personally I always have a debate with youngster when they are getting admission in MS or Phd program with out experience. To youngster, they think internship is something one should do at the start of BS level to have their degree requirements fulfilled, but experience is something “when you are in a situation and you handle it with your past knowledge of handling a problem with confidence this time”. Thats the reason organizations are always looking for experienced people irrespective of their size (as said by Arzoona).
    For HR people, inexperience Phd / MS candidate is as good as a BS level candidate with out experience. And to have experience, one can get start with internship which will polish them.

    • Thank you for your feedback sir. I believe that internship trend should be encouraged at its best in Pakistan. I personally recommend and try to convince every freshman to look for an internship first as its utmost important step of entering into a professional world.

  3. Yes it is true, I’m doing my bachelors and I have never thought of doing internship in the semester breaks. I am getting one next month and I’ll surely apply for an internship now. I am surprised at how this article fits so true at my fellow’s and my story. Great Work!

  4. Very nice column……. i need your permission to print this column and distribute it among the universities student…..hope you will give me permission….if so then please inform me through email…
    regards and best wishes for your happy life….

  5. I appreciate your attempt to bring out worst in value of Internship in our Society.
    This Topic change my mind relate to internship point of view.But we should also see on other hand and search for how many companies offer internship opportunities for their organization in last year.In research of fact and figures,we may conclude that in Pakistan not only students but also many organizations should need to evaluate the benefits of Internship.In the end,I just want to say you that if you have known any thing which is helpful for fresh students to find internship opportunities then please aware me also from it.
    Thanks for your attempt and God bless you!

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