Saying Thank YOU – How Much it Matters?

Doesn’t it feel good when someone says Thank you for simple things? But how does it feel when they put little extra effort to show that they are actually thankful to you? Totally amazing, right?

That’s how 2 simple words “sorry” and “thank you” change your entire lives, well, I know that this is very old logic. But this is something I have experienced myself and suggesting you to try magically enchanting effects of these words will fill your lives with unexpected positivity and contentment. (see our blog, Connotation Zero to see how life can become positive or negative)

The word “thank you” bring others close to you by heart, it strengthens your relationships and builds trust. Not only this, sometimes people around you are also expecting to receive little gratitude for doing something for you. Not saying thank you will make bad impression, such as arrogant, ill-mannered or rude.

And I believe, workplace is no different. As, I have already written in my blog, Office Environment VS Productivity That people spend more time at workplace than their homes, so office environment should give them comfort of home. And what else would be great besides making them feel worthy and special?

Trust me, small simple actions of thanking someone will not only change your life but also of those who surround you. Here are simple tips for you to try at work, and let me know if they worked for you:

Give Cards: Remember good old days, before internet took over our lives, when we used to receive cards and post cards from our loved ones? How great it always felt that someone made an effort to show their love and care. Same is the case now, rather I would say, it’s even better, because people rarely expects someone to give them cards. You don’t have to post the card for your colleagues, you can simply give them hand to hand or hide it in their drawer for surprise effect. So try this classic trick and you will feel the difference in person’s attitude towards you.

Sticky Notes: Of course they look adorable due to their size and playful colors, what adds their cuteness is the word “Thank you”. Stick them on your coworker’s table in the morning, before they arrive, to get the best result, you will see their lightening bright, smiley face from great distance. This trick has worked for me every time, so give it a try!

Buy them Cupcakes or doughnuts: This is the sweetest way to wish. Ask bakery guy to write “Thank you” on cupcakes or doughnuts. Better buy chocolate flavor, as it helps in changing the bad mood.

Small Gifts: Inexpensive gifts like key chains, coffee mugs, diary etc. with thank you written on them, will do wonders. I prefer giving small gifts as they are long lasting and helps your coworker reminding that you care.

Send Email: Another formal way to say thank you is writing a special email with a line or two to express gratitude. It’s also very effective in offices because of its secrecy – as, some people like to keep their privacy. So, that’s an appropriate way.

Express Verbally: Saying thank you face-to-face is always great. It also lets you see their cheerful expressions. It’s most affordable and effortless way among all.

Openly expressing gratitude to your coworkers always boost their confidence and enthusiasm to help more in future, along with trust and friendliness with you, they will get to know that someone actually admired and appreciated their work – creating the environment of comfort and family like feeling, which is very important to work as a team and deliver your best.

Now, I thank YOU for reading this article.

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