Choosing career is the biggest problem for students, in which profession should they adopt and in which career they should continue their studies. The reason is that in Pakistani society, elders and parents has so much influence on children’s decision to adopt career. Very few of the parents are that much liberal or you can say broad minded that they give their child a freedom of choosing career.

Parents or influencing elders in family inculcate this thought in their child’s mind that the only noble professions in Pakistan to adopt is Joining Military, becoming a Doctor, Engineer, Teacher or Pilot.  Other Professions related to arts are not considered as that much noble enough or considered as profession with lesser chances to earn and spent good life.

In my opinion parents should give their children a freedom in choosing career or profession. They should encourage their child to choose any profession in which their child excels. For Example, if parents are observing their child that their child is making good drawings, and good at making sketches and painting then they should not force their child to adopt any profession of their own choice or pressurize their child to adopt any profession which has more chances to earn well in future life.

Parents and elders at home are continuously observing their child from the time of birth, and they know the aptitude of their child more than anyone else.

If their child is good at something  for example, doing mimicry, decorating home, cooking, painting, writing or have any other aptitude or skill, then they should encourage their child to adopt professions related  to his aptitude like Acting, Comedian, Interior decorator, Chef, Painter, Author/writer, Journalist etc.  

Fields to adopt:

Through adopting these fields in studies their skills for the particular aptitude get enhanced and they may excel in future in the respective field. That child would be satisfied from their   professional life when he grew up. Furthermore, they will take their work as a passion and love but will not take it as 9 – 5 hectic job. By doing so, they will explore new things in their profession and will learn new things on daily basis.

I have a few suggestions for children, parents, teachers and Counselor about career selection. I will recommend and encourage children to adopt   studies and eventually professions similar to the aptitude I have mentioned.

  • If a child is good at speaking or good in delivering message and communication then he should adopt these professions.  Motivational Speaker, Marketing and Sales, Lawyer, Teacher, TV/ Radio anchor, Vlogger, You tuber, RJ, News Anchor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor, etc.
  • If a child is good at designing new things and have a creative mind then he should adopt these professions. Interior designating/ decorator, dress designer, fashion designer, textile designer, architect, making hand made things with dough. etc.
  • If a child is good and interested in Medical sciences then he should adopt these professions.   MBBS doctor, pharmacy, dentist, dietitian and nutritionist, exercise psychologist, massage therapist, physiotherapist, special children therapist,   optometrist, scientific researcher etc.
  • If a child is interested in and good at mathematical or things involving numbers then he should adopt these professions. Mathematician, statistician, Aerospace Engineer, Financial Analyst, accounting, CA, ACCA, etc.
  • If a child feels good in helping others and serving others then he  should adopt these professions. Nursing, philanthropy,  charity, social work, teaching, , health, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor,  special children therapist etc.
  • If a child is good at mechanics, or repair mechanical things then he should adopt professions. Mechanic,   mechatronics engineer, aerospace engineering, robotics, machine technician, electrical/automobile mechanic, metal mechanic, welder, heavy equipment mechanic, maintenance technician.

Another thing I want to recommend is that parents should encourage their children in choosing family profession. Through getting an in-depth education related to profession, their child may help their parent’s business / occupation to progress.For Example;

  • A  farmer, landlord or any person doing work related to agriculture should encourage his child to study agriculture. Their child will learn about the upcoming technologies, opportunities and challenges coming in the field of agriculture. May be his parent doesn’t know the challenges and tactics about how to cope up with upcoming challenges. Because they were less literate or untouched with new technology and research.
  • Family connected to Construction business should encourage their child to study Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering. In that way he can bring the family business to a new a level of progress. While knowing the challenges, opportunities and new technologies in the field of construction, he can excel the family profession.
  • An automobile mechanic parent should encourage his child to study mechanical engineering. A businessman or an entrepreneur should encourage his child to study  business administration. A parent having  living on the earning of Livestock  should encourage his child to pursue career like meat inspector, Breeder and farming, Livestock Veterinarian, Dairy farm business. Etc.