Mid-Career Professionals Problems

Mid Career Professionals Problems

Mid-career Professionals are also facing problems likewise fresh graduates and Entry level employees. They are unable to understand why they are far in their career as compared to their fellow colleague despite of being in the industry for number of years. BrightSpyre concluded few of the mistakes while accessing candidates’ profiles and taking candidates feedback … Read moreMid-Career Professionals Problems

Society and Peer Pressure in Choosing Career

Society and Peer Pressure in Choosing Career

Choosing career is the biggest problem for students, in which profession should they adopt and in which career they should continue their studies. The reason is that in Pakistani society, elders and parents has so much influence on children’s decision to adopt career. Very few of the parents are that much liberal or you can … Read moreSociety and Peer Pressure in Choosing Career

Six Reasons why Job Applicant’s get Rejected

Selection Process

  Recruitment is not an easy job to do. A lot of people’s efforts and hard work involves in hiring a good candidate among 100’s prospective candidate’s data. BrightSpyre is a recruitment body who offers its clients with services of job posting, job shortlisting, head hunting and Database search. The selection process for recruiting an … Read moreSix Reasons why Job Applicant’s get Rejected

Flexible Approach to Job Search

Be Flexible in Job Search

Searching for a job is, perhaps, the most frustrating aspect of getting oneself employed. It often feels as if you have graduated college with a skill set no one needs or that all the employers are looking for ‘experienced’ people and it makes one wonder how anyone ever got ‘experienced’ if that is the only … Read moreFlexible Approach to Job Search

Solving Big Problems – Cogilent Solutions

Cogilent Soltutions

“Working on solving big problems” is the tag-line you see when you will visit cogilent corporate site (www.cogilent.com). In the nascency of Information Technology industry, at the times of formation of cogilent solutions, back in year 2002 – we had similar dreams. Cogilent solutions has its pride in putting up one of the very early … Read moreSolving Big Problems – Cogilent Solutions

QAU – Career Counselling Seminar by BrightSPyre

“Stepping into the Practicality – S.I.P was a great and very informative seminar, conducted by BrightSpyre. We are soon graduating from our university and this was the best and appropriate time for our guidance. We have been searching on the internet but were not able to identify the right direction in which we should move. … Read moreQAU – Career Counselling Seminar by BrightSPyre

SZABIST – Career Counselling Session by BrightSpyre

BrightSpyre’s team had the privilege to conduct S.I.P (Stepping into the Practicality) – a career counselling session on 27th of May, 2015 in SZABIST Islamabad. Students belonged to BSCS department only as it was organized by their coordinator Mr.Zubair Ahmed. It was our second seminar at an educational sector, previous seminar was conducted at APCOMS … Read moreSZABIST – Career Counselling Session by BrightSpyre

Career Counselling Seminar at NUST by BrightSpyre

Career Counselling Seminar at NUST Rwp

So BrightSpyre has been guiding students and providing free individual career counselling around Pakistan but this was the first formal career counselling seminar at NUST EME College, Rawalpindi. The seminar was held on 17th of April, 2015, at the auditorium of EME College, Rawalpindi. Students of final year showed enthusiasm, discipline and interest in getting … Read moreCareer Counselling Seminar at NUST by BrightSpyre

IUI’s Job Fair 2015

Iqra University Job fair 2015

Dean/Director Dr. Muhammad Islam of Iqra University Islamabad warmly invited different organizations at their Job Fair 2015, which was held on Friday, April 10, 2015. From 11 am to 4 pm at Iqra University Islamabad Campus. BrightSpyre, as always, was keen to take part in this job fair because of the mission to connect people … Read moreIUI’s Job Fair 2015