Last year Pakistan witnessed many WOW moments in women’s empowerment. Now let us convince you “Women on WordPress” is a new #WOW for year 2020. Our community ‘Women on WordPress’ offers you to connect with WordPress projects along with free courses to learn this trending skill free. Doesn’t it sound like a WOW moment!

You can be a student, a small business owner, freelancer or anyone who cares to learn a skill that will be trending in future job marketplace for most of the time. The start of the year 2020 is a perfect time to reevaluate our skill set and see whether it fulfills the criteria of future job market. Certainly you would not regret adding WordPress to your skill set. 

According to web technology surveys, WordPress is used by around 35.8% of all the websites, which makes 62.6% of content market share. WordPress has a huge community and it will continue to expand in coming years. Furthermore learning WordPress also opens a gateway for you to other digital skills one would need in current digital era. 

 What exactly are “WordPress Skills”?

WordPress skills can give you an edge in many ways and can be categorized in following levels.

  • Knowing how to write and publish a blog post or page (contributor skills)
  • Knowing how to set up and manage a WordPress site (content manager skills)
  • Knowing how to develop themes and plugins (development skills)

Here’s some more reasons to learn WordPress

1. WordPress to empower you

You don’t have to be a developer to create and maintain a website on WordPress.  WordPress is a free tool for creating websites that puts you in control of the design, features, and content without requiring coding knowledge. Everything that requires some coding skills to create and update is translated into a simple user interface. WordPress empowers you with all the crucial elements that one needs for web designing and functionality. 

2. Gateway to succeed in future job market

WordPress is always updating and improving according to the latest market trends. WordPress enables anyone to create complex and beautiful layouts without writing a single line of coding. As over 61% content management systems running on WordPress, it indicates a huge job market for people skilled in WordPress.

It is not limited here, but WordPress is a gateway to other rising trends of digital marketing, product management and so on. WordPress is a global phenomenon and the future of the job market.

3. It is for everyone, for anything

It started as a blogging platform, it’s now a top choice from corporate business sites to personal blogs. WordPress can be used for social network, business page, cloud drive, marketing landing page and so on. It’s existing content management system market share of 60%, shows an increasing demand for people skilled in WordPress. 

4. Acquire additional skills set 

While working on a WordPress, you will not only learn laying out various elements of the web, its pages and blog posts but you will learn other skills too. You will also learn how to improve your SEO, site experience and so on. Here are some skills:

  • Communication 
  • Research
  • Data analysis

Above all you will learn how to communicate with several stakeholders. Working on WordPress will help you to refine your communication to be simpler, concise and engaging.  Which will help you in any other profession and translates easily to public speaking, interviewing or emailing. And trust us every employer prefers employees with good report writing skills.

It will enhance your research abilities, and how to use data. Speaking about the data which is quite a trending skill, for that WordPress is a great entry point. With Google analytics you can experiment, measure and improve your website.