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Every service, technology is aimed at solving a fundamental problem of the human beings. Each revolution in the history of mankind has completely changed the quality of lives of the generations to comes. Also, it is evident that the scale of 3rd and 4th revolution has touched the most human beings than ever.  This means more than 4.5 billion+ users are connected to the internet today, thus providing an opportunity to every human being to access the opportunity of education, learning, connecting with other human beings, and creating a varied of new employment opportunities.

At BrightSpyre, our mission from day one, has been to connect people with more and then more employment opportunities. This has helped us to connect with million of users in their pursuit of job search and helping more than 100,000+ job placement in the industry. In addition, to connecting people with opportunities, we run a large scale counselling program, helping and assisting people in times, when they are out of work opportunities. 

As technology has made it easy for us to connect with more opportunities in the domain of education, learning, connecting with friends and employment opportunities, at the same time there are multiple elements in the society that use the technology for fraudulent activities that hurts people emotionally and financially.

We’ve recently seen the that the cyber crimes has increase multifold, that results in more and more people being trapped. There is need for common internet users to understand how the world of cyber crimes works, so that they can easily distinguish between good and bad elements while using the web and mobile applications. It is important that you understand these scams, don’t 

Here we’re focussing on the scams happening in the employment domain. 

Some common attributes of scam advertisements.

  1. Scammers use every channel, mostly that can be reach a wider audience, with little or no cost. They advertise their offers at every possible platform – be it internet websites, social medias, sms,  or using the traditional means — newspaper, or find common physical mediums that they can use to reach masses. This is also an opportunity for the people as seeing a repetitive advertisement can create signals in our mind about the fraudulent intentions behind these advertisements. So, you need to critically review everything that you see on the internet or around you and try to understand the intention behind these advertisements.
  2. Scammers create emotional language in their advertisements. For employment based scams, the scammers entice people with big money offers — usually focussing on easy ways to make huge amount of money.  Scammers are clever people, they create perceptions of making easy money in their advertisements. As a end user, if you need to develop the intuitions where  you can easy distinguish scam advertisement than real ones.
  3. Scam advertisements look like real ones. The scammers make their content language, designs and colours in a way that they are hard to distinguish fro the real ones – or they look like real ones. Please look into these advertisements for the hidden clues that can help you distinguish spammer advertisements.  Scammers create websites for them that look like real organization URL, 
  4. If you see any advertisements, that is offering a huge sum of money with little effort, then you should avoid these and be extra careful as majority of these advertisements are the scam advertismeents. 
  5. Scammers find ways to avoid the common check-points to advertise and reach to the masses. The internet platforms keep checks on the scammers, but at the same time, scammers use more and more way to reach you through multiple channels. If you see such advertisement, then understand how this advertisement is reaching you and then you need to find a way to reach to the advertising agency to understand. 
  6. Scammers lure common people in their advertisements and chances of the common people being trapped in these scams is very high. So, please make sure, that you talk about these scams with others, and help others in avoiding these scams.
  7. Scammers are professional stealers. Scammers steal your information from any medium they can have access to. Try not to share your contact information during shopping, or entering an office.
  8. Scammers use the way our industry and organisations work. Many of the employers advertise their positions without identifying their identities. This is also common in Govt. advertisements where  advertisements are made without disclosing the identity of the employers. Scammers copy the same trick and use these industry norms to hide their identity.

Who are common target of scammers in employment domain

  • People who are out of work.
  • People who are very early in their careers.
  • People from remote areas.
  • People who are  vulnerable – especially women. 
  • People who don’t verify the authenticity of the information they see or consume.

How to identify scams in the employment domain?

  1. Scammers can be identified by their style

Scammers ask for money very early in their process -especially when these are related to recruitment. E.g in the example of Facebook, you use the service free – and you never pay Facebook for using the facebook, but the advertisers pay the money to Facebook to advertise their offerings. 

Similar is the case at BrightSpyre.com, where we charge employers for finding right talent but never job seekers any money. But in the world of scammers, after a few handshakes, the scammers start demanding you money.

This is the reason, you see hundreds of ads of work from home opportunities in newspapers and online. And if you have any chance to connect with them, they ask for money to create your ID ( a common word used in these instances). If anyone asks you money for assisting in job search, placement or work, then please make sure double check all the infomration to avoid these scammers.

  1. Scammers can be identified by their language

The scammers can be identified by the language they use in their communication. Their language doesn’t depict a professional writing style and this is the first point that you should look into it.  In a recent scam the scammers sent following interview call letter through email. 

“Dear Respected Candidate

How Are you and Family? Hope so all will be Fine

We are impressed with your skills and experience and are pleased to

offer you the Senior Position in Our New Opening Projects. Please Check

/ Download Attachment.


By reading this email, you can identify multiple mistakes, poor use of grammar, poor communication style and complete lack of professionalism while communiting the message. This is definitely a interview call by some scammer.

  1. Scammers use a physical location that is far away from you

In recent scams, we found out the scammers physical address mentioned by them is of a remote location, or out of main commercial area in the main city. By providing a physical address away from commercial vicinity, or from a remote city/area helps scammers to avoid the process of physical  scrutiny or makes it hard for them to be reachable. If you are called for interview from a remote area, or a distant location, then please investigate the interview call.

The samming is also very common in the international job opportunities. This helps scammers to reamain at a distace from you and use their communication channels to commit scams. Be extra vigilent in these cases and see support from us.

  1. Scammers are common and are everywhere

Many of the employment scams are very common. There is a chance that one of your friend, colleague or one of your connection have been in a similar situation that you’re in today. Whenever you are in doubt never hesitate to ask from your network about the authenticity of the advertisement, or interview call.  Ask for guidance from your connection in understanding the scams. 

  1. Don’t trust anyone. 

Don’t trust what you see or what your mind believes. Verify and verify again. If you need to verify the advertisement or interview call – the reach BrightSpyre for support. We’ve been in this business of recruitment for more than 2 decades and can help you here. 

  1. Ask for support

Always look for channels where you can ask for the support to check the authenticity of the employment ads, or interview calls. Never miss them. If you need to verify the advertisement or interview call – reach BrightSpyre. We’ve been in this business of recruitment for more than 2 decades and can help you here. 

What are support networks available to me

  1. BrightSpyre. Please reach us with any of the query, help you need in your . We run one of the largest career counselling program and we can listen and guide you. Please never hesitate to contact us.
  2. More… coming soon