Mid-career Professionals are also facing problems likewise fresh graduates and Entry level employees. They are unable to understand why they are far in their career as compared to their fellow colleague despite of being in the industry for number of years.

BrightSpyre concluded few of the mistakes while accessing candidates’ profiles and taking candidates feedback and formulated tips accordingly.

Update yourself with New Technology and Research

A lot of Mid-career Professionals in our society get untouched with a field in which they graduated after their graduation and start working in any organization they first get job and spend most part of their life in that company. Contrary to this  fresh graduate who studied new books and did new research and projects excel in their job. Few tips to overcome that knowledge gap between new hired employees and mid-career professionals are:

Stay Updated  and informed about the industry in which you are working and the field you are graduated  through  studying the  related books published recently,  studying related magazines, newspaper, watching  informative videos related to the subject on YouTube and social media, Like pages and join groups related to the subject on your social media accounts and learn about the challenges, opportunities and new research  happened in the area, Read related blogs and article, Follow known Celebrities, Researchers, scholars of related area on social media. Start attending training’s, conferences, Lectures and courses related to the field and industry. You can learn more through interaction and people’s experience in less time span.

Change your organization or company in which you are working after getting any better opportunity after every 5-6 years. You will not get bore from your similar daily routine job. Besides this you will learn about the culture, environment and working style of every new organization. When  a person communicate with new people he learn different new skills. Like he learn how to tackle new people , situation, any challenge or difficulty  if  it comes in. He will also learn new soft skills, soft wares, and their working structure in which they take risk, challenges and avail opportunities. You can recommend your strategy and plan which you learnt from your last organization and come up with a new and better plan or strategy  while combining the two different organizations experiences.

Take Interviews, Start doing Communication with the related industry people, increase your network

Mid-career professionals should increase your network with a related people, it will increase your knowledge about the area. Instead of consuming time in learning from your own experiences, it is better to be good listener. Pay attention to people’s stories,  learn from their failures , their  initiatives, their taken risks and strategies. You can apply the same situation on yourself and take initiative accordingly whenever a similar situation comes in.

Keep your resume, Accounts updated:

Mid-Career Professionals should keep your resume, Career Portal accounts and Linked In profile updated. Candidate’s don’t update their Career portal accounts, resumes and Linked In profile. Due to this they don’t get better opportunities and offers from the competitor organizations. The negative affect happen because of this is not that particular person’s profile doesn’t come in Linked In, Google and database search because of being not up to date. There is a negative impact of not updating the profile. Despite of having extensive experience, strong profile and related experience, candidate don’t get notification and job alerts.

In BrightSpyre we found many cases in which the person’s BrightSpyre account  and profile are not updated but in actual they had a strong profile and they might get  shortlisted and hired for a job related to his previous one with a better benefits, salary and bonuses.