Fresh Graduates can increase their chances of selection in Screening Process while taking care of couple of things. BrightSpyre suggested few tips to  make screening process easy for fresh graduates.

Recently BrightSpyre Human Resource team experienced to participate in various University’s career expos, job fairs and final year project open houses. The HR team took on the spot interviews and assessment of rolling and passed out students.  All faculty students participated in those Career Expos and visited different stalls related to their field of study.

Different faculty students participated in Career’s Expo but they were all having common mistakes or weakness. Few of the common mistakes that our HR team highlighted is noticeable and worth mentioning. If these mistakes are not highlighted and told to fresh Graduates then these students may face difficulties in assessment process of  jobs in future in any reputable organization and may fail and disqualify during their screening process. Following are the Common mistake with solution of its redemption.

Template of CV:

Most of the students came within Career Expo were not having a CV or the CV is of very low caliber. CV tells a lot about oneself, because it makes the first impression to the interviewer even before the candidate’s appearance for Interview.  Cv should be precise and Comprehensive and should provide all necessary details about the candidate. Mistakes in maximum CV’s are

  1. They are not of the same format. Every University should have a standard format of Cv before conducting a Career Expo and calling Organizations in Career Expo.
  2. Major contact details were missing from the Cv. Like Temporary Address, Permanent Address, Email Address, Mobile Number, Landline Number.
  3. Vocabulary, Spellings, Grammar, Formatting and Punctuation mistakes  are also the common mistakes among students’s Cvs.
  4. If a student is temporarily residing in Hostel for example , in the specific city for studies purpose, he/she should have mentioned  the temporary address in the CV and should not mention only a permanent address. The reason is when organizations filter candidates through City for hiring purpose, there is a possibility that those  candidate’s Cv’ get excluded from the Filter.  Chance is there that they may not go through screening process despite being a potential candidate. The Reason is most of the organizations filter candidates with city’s name while doing shortlisting and only prefer students residing in the same city.
  5. Students should mention their Final Year Projects, Semester projects, Semester Reports and Internship details and learning/responsibilities within Cv if they don’t have any job experience. Student should remember that he can be questioned for what he wrote on CV. So students should be able to elaborate each and every project and assignment he performed and mentioned in the Cv.

Body Language and Sitting Poster:

Besides CV’s template mistakes students make other mistakes, like sitting poster, Body language and physical look and dressing. Students should sit in right and appropriate poster and should not look like they are sitting in someone’s drawing room for Chit Chat. Neat & tidy and Ironed clothes should be worn while coming for interview.  Put your cell phones on Silent during interview, and don’t look at the phone or watch during interview.

Confidence & Speech:

One should answer the questions of the interviewer with full confidence, clear speech and audible voice. Avoid chewing anything and fumbling during speech, it creates an impact of shaken confidence. Answer correctly and confidently about the projects and assignments you delivered during your studies.  Otherwise it will question your credibility and potency for the job.


Students should give proper introduction with name, Class, Faculty, Semester. Furthermore, he should also tell in which session he is going to pass out in an introductory speech.  The student should also tell about areas of interest and industry. Its’s better to tell the  city/Area (Place) in which he is interested or willing to do the job. So, organizations can understand without wasting time if that student can fit in their organization or not.


These were few of the common mistakes among students of all faculties of all Universities. If students work on these weakness then they may have better chances to qualify for the jobs after passing out.