“Before Software can be reuseable, it has first to be usable” — Ralph Johnson

Recruiting Software Engineers needs commitment and motivation. Around 140 Universities in Pakistan are running Software Engineering programs in their campuses. It is difficult for any Tech organization to recruit an ideal candidate for their vacant positions because out of thousands of fresh IT graduates only few are up to the mark and according their required job description. The candidate who at last get successful  to get in any software house or Tech company either by nepotism or other means get into any other better organization who is offering him better salary with benefits once he get experience of 3-4 years. Afterwards he goes to the organization which is offering more and more, and this cycle goes own and own. And the junior employee working in assistance to that professional, the company starts taking double work from him, in that way fresh graduates hardly gets a chance to get in any organization.

As Pakistan is a rising destination for tech outsourcing, that’s why most of the United States Tech organizations have opened their offices in Pakistan.  As Pakistan is a developing country and there is much unemployment in Pakistan. In this way, the unemployed personnel’s of Pakistan gets job in Tech companies with the salaries compatible to Pakistani job market. Both the Multinational organizations and employees are getting benefit from this.

BrightSpyre makes this job easier for the Tech companies. Now it’s our headache to bring the best candidate in your organization which will ride your company on the road of success.  Not only this, BrightSpyre also have solutions for fresh graduates to get in Tech Organization through giving them guidelines on Job rejection and selection reasons. BrightSpyre made a task easier for both Employers and future Employees.

BrightSpyre is a recruitment body who offers its clients with services of job posting, job shortlisting, Head hunting and Database search. The selection process for recruiting an ideal candidate involves a number of steps and it could vary from organization to organization but basic steps for recruitment remains the same.

One of BrightSpyre’s clients “Jin Technologies Private Limited” gave us a project for a year to hire prospective ideal candidates for them. In that recruitment process BrightSpyre got successful in getting few ideal candidates hired for that company because there is no compromise on quality. Number is not just a thing here, here we talk about the hard work and efforts involved in the hiring process. We want our readers, Tech Companies and Fresh graduates to get benefit from our experience. Several tips is going to be discussed in the proceeding paragraphs and by following and adopting those tips and traits in yourself, a fresh graduates can have more chances to get in any  Tech organization.

Case Study:

BrightSpyre was assigned with a task of hiring the ideal candidates for ‘Software Engineer, IOS Developer, Software Support Engineer, and PHP Developer both senior and junior roles.  In a year of 2018, we received more than 500 CV’s for above mentioned positions from Islamabad and Multan. The data base for these Cv’s were maintained through both Open Expo organized in different universities of Islamabad and through direct application on Brightspyre.  Out of these Cv’s more than 255 candidates were shortlisted according to the position’s requirements and upon candidate’s qualification and profile whereas only 255 candidates reached for initial interview and test.

At the end, very small number of candidates made it possible to get hired based on their qualification, experience, position based test,  soft skills, ability to work as a team player and individually, confidence, behavior, attitude , adjustment in office environment , and consistency towards any job.

Rejection reasons:

The reason why most of the candidates are unable to reach the next level of selection process is their poor performance in test and poor performance in interview questions related to the subject. One should be fully prepared of the subject he/she applied for, and he should read the full job description before applying to the job and appearing for interview. In this way, he can have better understanding of the subject related questions he could be asked about and job based test.  A well prepared candidate have more chances to get shortlisted for further selection process as compared to the candidate who goes for interview with a blank mind.

Few of the reasons that why candidates are unable to reach at placement level are;

1.      Late arrival to interview and not informing about late coming

2.      Good at communication but poor at test.

3.      Good at test but poor in communication

4.      Good at test and communication but bad attitude and behavior.

5.      Can’t justify and explain their university’s Final year project.

6.      Not good at team player or in individual capacity.

Few of the other reasons upon which candidates were rejected despite of having good qualification, profile, and initial test & interview are candidate’s soft skills, attitude, over confidence or lack of confidence, bad mouthing about previous employer, checking watch and phone during the interview and not paying attention to the interviewee. Another trait that matters in interview is candidate’s personal appearance and CV format. One should be dressed professionally and be neat and well groomed, your body language and sitting posture should be appropriate and you should deal with the nervousness appropriately.

Selection reasons:

There were only few candidates who were reached at placement level. The traits that made them hired are:

1.      Punctuality

2.      Good at communication skills.

3.      Good technical knowledge about the subject.

4.      Answering right to the subject related questions.

5.      Good and confident attitude and behavior.

6.      Good team player and can perform well in individual role.

7.      “Can Do” attitude”.

8.      Can justify and explain their university’s Final year project.

9.      Ability to adjust in an office environment.

10.    Consistency towards any job.


By following these tips a fresh Software Engineer can fit in any good software house. Not only this will help the candidate but it will make the task of hiring for recruiter easier. After following the steps of job posting, conducting Career Expo’s, Data base maintenance, initial screening and shortlisting, followed by interview, Job based test, and panel interview, a recruitment agency provides its clients with an ideal candidate.

About Writer:

Miss. Nudrat Wajiha Janjua is M.Phil. International Relations scholar from National Defence University, Islamabad. She is working at Cogilent Solutions as Marketing and Sales Executive. You can reach her on nudratwajiha@gmail.com .