Giving an interview can be made an exciting experience and a source of learning if one has prepared well. There are things that every job seeker must learn and prepare for, before appearing for an interview, simply because no one can predict the nature of questions expected in an interview. The rule of thumb is to prepare and practice well.

What would be the first thing that an interviewer notices after the physical appearance of a candidate?

The answer is The Body Language.

The body language includes the way we stand,walk, talk and sit, position our hands and the way we communicate. The employers in this world of cut throat competition need leaders, the decision makers who can make the market based decisions but the people with the vision and foresight to handle any crisis as best as possible, as well. An open and frank demeanor with confident personality shows the positive side of the job seeker.

When answering the questions please make sure that the answers are brief and to the point, but communicated properly and sincerely. Answer should be only to what is being asked.

Irrelevant details and personal matters must not be discussed. Lengthy answers and personal matters are not what an interviewer is looking for. The emphasis on strengths is more important than disclosing the personal problems.

Your knowledge of the company, product line and services must be complete and up to date. Not knowing about the company and related details show casual and disinterested attitude. A little homework about the company, its inception, background, products and services and work environment can prove to be very helpful in the actual interview.

You can ask relevant questions though. The interview is a good time to know the details like what would be the initial responsibilities of the new employee, what kind of training would be available, what are the performance evaluation methods adopted in the company, what could be problematic areas of this job and what is the kind of team a new employee would be working with.

The initial assessment of a job seeker if positive, results in the discussion of salary and the benefits included with the salary, but it is never a good idea to state your expected salary first. It would be better

to wait for the offer of salary from the employer. The salary is usually based on the market trends and according to the qualifications and skills necessary for the post. More chances for you to get the prevailing salary if you fulfill the necessary criteria for the job.

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