BrightSpyre’s now boasts a unique talent in Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad, CTO, BrightSpyre is now one of the unique group of 25 Pakistanis who are CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) certified Professionals. This exam is managed and undertaken by (ISC)2. It is the world’s leading authority on information system security. Currently there are around 48,000 certified such professionals around the world. It is a further recognition of the fact that BrightSpyre continues to hire the best talent and continues to maintain a very high standard when it comes to handling data of its prestigious clients.

The role of any CISSP in an organization is:

  • Strategic overview of Information Security needs.
  • Develop/maintain an Information Security Program.
  • Provide advice regarding new information Security technologies.
  • Assurance of compliance with regulations.

Under Jawad, BrightSpyre is working deligently to further improve the standard of security and reliability of the largest Job Portal of Pakistan.

“At any given day, there can be as many as 35,000 unique visitors to our web portal. This number is likely to increase to 100,000 daily visitors by the end of 2007.” explains Ahmad Jawad.

“This exponential growth requires radical changes in the way the whole Portal is setup. Security of the system needs to be carefully evaluated whenever there are changes in the software or hardware setup of any application. This certification enabled me to further polish my skills and gave me access to a privileged club of Security professionals worldwide. I will bring all that information to BrightSpyre and set a new standard of service.” With such ambitions and goals, Jawad hopes to bring about a major change in how security is perceived in Pakistan.

BrightSpyre is owned and operated by Cogilent Solutions which is headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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