Step 2:

Appearance for the Interview

Getting an interview call is an achievement, because that indicates the resume you sent, left the right impression on the employer who now wants to see you in person.

This is the opportunity you were waiting for, the time to present your self in person, the time to prove what you wrote in your resume, the time to face the challenge.

Right now you have equal chances of getting selected as any other candidate who applied for the same position as you did.

What is the right step to take at this stage; Dress Up appropriately for the interview.

Dressing up is one area where you can earn extra points over others easily. A Little effort to look into the culture and work environment of the company would certainly help you to choose what color to wear on the interview occasion.

For Men

The corporate culture asks for formal wear. Dark Colored suit, suitably matched neck tie, polished shoes and an over all clean, professional look is all you require. Bright colors, ill fitted suit, loose necktie will do you no good. If you have already seen the office environment and you know how people dress up for the work, try to use the information to your benefit. The more you try to blend into the company culture, the more easy it would be ultimately, for you to adjust in the new work environment.

For Women

The corporate culture for women does not define much. Most of this part of the initial preparation is left to you to decide. Please remember that what goes for men, goes for women as well. Make sure that the choice of colors is appropriate for a formal occasion. Make up and jewelry should be minimal and should help in enhancing your over all image. Being over dressed up for an interview is never a good idea.

Some General Tips

Take a clean, crisp copy of your CV with you. It is always a good idea to have a copy of your resume in case you need it, besides, it is something to hold in your hands.

Wear a watch, wearing a watch has certain benefits. A watch is an accessory that enhances the over all appearance positively. It helps giving the impression of a person who values time.

Be on time. Remember, being ten minutes early for an interview is better than being five minutes late.

Keep track of the time and leave early if the distance requires so. Being early not only gives you time to relax and catch your breath but would also show a committed and professional approach.

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