Every office has a few employees who consider workplace as socializing hub – they will work little but talk more. For most of us, it’s so hard to deal with chatty colleagues especially when we have something very important to do.

Researchers says that workplace can become enjoyable if you have good colleagues around you, or it can become most annoying place – depending upon the nature of people you work with. But it is pretty understandable that we can’t be compatible in nature, with all of our coworkers, some of them might give you tough time but hey! That’s life and that’s how you learn better.

Well, here are some tips that will work for you if you have to work around distracting coworkers:

Be Boring: If someone arrives at your desk to spend some time chatting with you, it’s always better to talk about something that doesn’t interest them or else start a topic which you know they have less information about. It will automatically drive them away without any bad feeling. It works, try it and do share your experience with us!

Keep it short: If they still continue to talk then try the trick of being short and snappy in your replies. This surely will appear disturbing and uninteresting to them and they will go somewhere else to socialize.

Ask them for help: The best way to make them go away is by telling them to do you a favor or help you out. It will not only keep them busy but they will start to keep their distances from you because you always come up with some task for them.

Tell them you will get back to them: If you are in the middle of something very urgent and you have to complete the task by given deadline, then it’s better to tell distracting colleagues that you will listen to them once you get free.

Politely ignore: Some people are showoffs, some are arrogant or some are extremely lazy, if you don’t like their attitude, simply distance yourself from them or don’t pay attention to what they say, because you can’t change anyone’s nature, they will always be who they are.

Go official about it: If all the tricks are useless and they continue to bug you, then it’s time to go official and let your manager know about it. Because in the end you will be the one who will suffer the loss, so don’t let anyone come between your productivity and success.

Chatty or annoying colleagues are present in almost every office. Being dis-tractors they are one of the hurdles in your way to success, as I discussed in detail, all these factors affect your productivity and won’t let you give your best shot.

Socialization with colleagues is highly recommended as it helps us in expanding our information and network along with personality buildup, but when you are working, then simply work to get where you want to be.


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