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Hina Akhtar
Communication Specialist
The Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF)
Job Link:Communication Specialist

I was working in a multinational company for some years within the field of Communication and Community Development, and although I was content with working for a well reputed company, I started feeling an urge to explore my opportunities in the job market. I wanted a role through which I could further refine my professional as well as personal development, but I had no idea where to look. This urge made me start looking for a platform or catalyst which would enable me to view optional organizations and work scope and give me the sense of job competition and updated requirements within my field of expertise.

I started surfing on the net and viewing the job vacancies, when I came across the website of BrightSpyre. I read about their online hiring system which made me submit my CV online. The BrightSpyre site became a regular hit on my daily surfing and I was amazed to see the vast list of job opportunities, which were all collected under one “roof”. One day I saw the vacancy of a Communication Specialist. I read the comprehensive work details, which contained a role which was in line with my current experience as well as providing more learning and exposure within the field of Communication. I immediately applied for the job without any expectations of a response, but to my great surprise, it was only a matter of a few days before I received a call from the BrightSpyre team. I was very impressed to see the professional way through which BrightSpyre dealt with the potential candidates for a job, and I was kept in constant loop of the interview development. I was lucky to get the job and although it has only been a month since I joined my new job, I feel I made the right decision of joining them as the exposure and learning I am getting here is a great basis for my future career development. I personally believe that one should never stop learning and constantly challenge one self for improvements. We should always pursue opportunities in life, which contribute to our continuous and sustainable career development. My interaction with BrightSpyre and their professionalism has developed a great trust in me that life is full of opportunities – you just need to grab them using the right platform and support.

I recommend everyone to register themselves on the BrightSpyre site and trust this professional team to help you grab the opportunity of your life time.

Best of luck to you all!

Hina Akhtar

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