Most of the people, whether fresher or experienced, are seen reluctant in giving job interviews – why? Because they lack self-confidence, their inner voice tells them that they can’t do this or poses them with doubtful questions like “what if…”
Well, as the matter of fact, we all are born with self-confidence, courage and guts. Haven’t you seen any toddler trying to stand up and walk again and again, besides trembling, constantly losing balance and falling down on the ground, but still standing up and trying to walk again. Why is that? It’s our inner confidence that urges us to learn more, move forward and achieve what we want.
So, giving job interviews are not so hard. You can get any job, literally, if you know how to represent yourself, verbally, emotionally and physically.
Here are a few tips to get your next interview successful by just gathering your self-confidence:
Research – Do Some Home Work: Do some good research about the company and their goals, before going to an interview. Having some knowledge about company’s background, work culture or history will provide you many points to answer in your interview because interviewer will ask you questions that are directly or indirectly related to the company.
Talk to a Friend or Spouse: Before going to an interview, try spend some time alone with your best friend, sibling or spouse, who tells you that you are capable of achieving your goal and that you have so many good points and skills to perfectly fit for this job. Talking to them will definitely give you some positive energy and you will eventually become more confident.
Rehearse Your Answers:  There are some common questions in interviews, try to rehearse them in front of a mirror or talk them out and loud. This will make few of your answers ready beforehand.
Replicate Your Ideal: You must have observed someone who looked confident to you. Try to notice how he stands while in public or talking to anyone, how he behave, how he uses his hand gestures and face expressions. Your ideal can be anyone, whether it be TV actor or family friend, etc. Replicating him will give you the live example of how to represent yourself confidently.
Dress Up neatly and formally: Going to a job interview is different than going to a party, school or parks. So, select a dress that doesn’t have too much bright or neon colors, no glitters or shimmer, no bad looking buttons or badly ironed. As your appearance is the very first impression on the interviewers, so make sure you make your hair nicely, wear light perfumes and avoid any other distracting stuff.
Greet the Interviewer Enthusiastically: Make sure to be the first one to shake hands, if you are a girl, stand for the interviewer when they enter the room. Greet them with a firm shake hand, confident voice and do not forget to wear that beautiful smile.
Listen Attentively: It is the most important factor of interviews. Pay attention to your interviewer. Try to understand what he is asking you, and it’s totally ok to ask them to repeat the question if you couldn’t understand it. But don’t ask them to repeat every question, it will give them really bad impression.
Body Language: Focus on how you sit and how you talk. It is important to sit straight, make eye contact and smile. Don’t fidget and don’t lean over any of the sides. Slightly use your hand gestures and polite face expressions.
Tell the Truth: There is nothing as comforting as telling the truth. Whoever you are, whatever you did or do, just tell them straightforwardly. Because no one will impose that job on you, unless and until you don’t want it and nobody will slap you for telling the truth.
So, follow all these steps before giving your next interview and give us your valuable feedback regarding the article, if it was helpful or no.