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Balancing Work VS Personal Life

Oooooops! I forgot again to attend the Parents Teachers Meeting of my little daughter, or I forgot to call back to my mom/dad, or I missed a visit to my dentist, or I wish I could come over to you (to a friend over phone), I am so over worked, I do not get time. These were just a few out of the list which we miss almost daily just on the pretext of being overworked or by being thinking that we are the ones making the sun rise.
We often forget that as sun rises in its natural course all other things also move in their due course. It’s mostly an escape from the situations we do not want to get into or to handle, that we blame the work and not ourselves.
We must remember that we are not the first ones in our organizations, offices, institutions etc. There had been a lot many earlier than us and there will be so many more to come after us. Neither could the earlier ones brought any perfection nor would the ones coming after us would be able to do so. We just have to play our bit of the part and rest be left to the nature.
Present era we find, including our own selves, almost everyone is complaining of being overworked and of ill health and of distances amongst the family members or the counterparts. This is out of the imbalances we created by ourselves.
We forgot that we are human and being human we have become machines. We must realize that even machines need a break. I am not into claiming myself to be good and blaming others, I am also amongst the masses and I do the same as my other Romans are doing in the Rome but the need of the time is to realize the importance of balance between work and the personal life.
No one can ever teach us as to how to create that balance until we are convinced in ourselves about its importance. Not writing to teach you all the best ways to stay happy or the 7 or 11 habits of successful people or how to create the balances etc, just written to stir up the insight onto the importance of such a balance.
I be happy to have your contributions in the shape of comments, critique, suggestions and/or personal experiences on the subject.

Writer: Mr. Maj. Syed Naveed Kazmi (Retd)
Unit Manager (Sourcing) at FFBL &
Author of “Allah Siffar Kilometer” (The Book)

2 thoughts on “Balancing Work VS Personal Life

  1. well……what the writer has shared is true for everybody; we proudly connect ourselves with the technology driven age of globalization, but what we do not often realize is that locus of power has shifted towards work and professional development which has ultimately deprived us of our social and family life. It is essential to create balance between work and personal life that only calls for planning. During my career as a teacher, my mentor once scribbled on my diary, “the one who fails to plan actually plans to fail.” Being a working woman, I understand creating this balance is hard, but not impossible…

  2. Thank you Maam, for your endorsement and encouragement both. This is what i wanted to come onto, that its not impossible and we must give it a try

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