BrightSpyre in Collaboration with Google Introducing Google Business Solutions in Pakistan

BrightSpyre took another step by partnering with Google and introducing its Business Solutions in Pakistan. An event was held for the same purpose on Monday, Feb 09, 2009 (5~8pm)

Although Google is generally known as a web search engine, it has many business products in various categories including internet advertising, communication & publishing, development, geo, search, statistics, etc. The idea behind this talk is to introduce these products to SMEs, corporate & professionals so that they can make the most out of Google business solutions and increase their efficiency & productivity with these cutting edge tools.

Seminar was arranged at newly build NUST SEECS H-12 campus which is situated on the outskirts of Islamabad. More than 100 people from industry attended the Seminar.

Seminar started at around 5:20pm. Many professional people from the industry joined this session including guests from BrightSpyre, Tera Data, Eco Conserve, Ufone and other companies. Marketing of this event was done by BrightSpyre through its active links in industry, newsletters, banner advertisements and from Facebook page. Mr.Badar started with a video about the current boom in the growth of Internet users and Infrastructure. After that he introduced different products of Google such as Calendar, Docs, Insights, Webmasters Central, Gmail, Adwords, Adsense and others. The room got filled with fiery question and answer session. Mr.Badar also distributed 10 Google Merchandise Shirts among the guests after asking simple questions.

Session was excellent and was a chance to learn new things and interact and socialize with new people. All the members of NSEC did a great job and their efforts paid off.

Organized by: NUST SEECS []

Supporting Bodies:
1- CIO Pakistan []
2- Cogilent Solutions []
3- Brightspyre []

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