BrightSpyre brings in Second Place Award for Cogilent Solutions in Shell Tameer Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition

The Shell Company boasts of over 100 years presence in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-Continent proving to be a key player in bolstering the economy by productively helping to utilize natural energy resources and providing much needed jobs to people. However, along with its key financial function, the Company has also been very vitally present in the social sector by promoting its development both through technical and educational resources.
Along with 25 other public service programmes that the Company runs per year, it also initiated Shell LiveWIRE International, a unique programme with an out reach to 23 countries. The LiveWIRE programme was launched as Shell Tameer in Pakistan and has been successfully running in collaboration with partners SMEDA (Operational) and IBA (Developmental) respectively. The purpose being to boost the youth by helping them to acquire skills and enhance existing ones in order that they may apply themselves to finding the right path towards their future careers; not only in the cities at Business School level, but also in remote areas through workshops and vocational training institutes. Suffice to say, this has effectively changed lives of over 300 students (in Pakistan alone) and 10,000 people in general. This is Phase I of the programme.

The Second phase is the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Awards given in recognition of brave entrepreneurial spirit. The Programme selects ten outstanding individuals (not necessarily from/beneficiary of Phase I) whose companies are chosen through a series of tough regional and local competitions. After selection, the competitors come together under one roof from all over the country to showcase their businesses for judging purposes and on the basis of original initiative, utilization of resources (financial, human, raw material), successful running and focused enthusiasm and spirit, the winners rise above. These are the very reasons why Brightspyre was entered and it shone through.

The Second Shell Tameer Awards for ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ took place on Tuesday, 14th February, 2004 at Avari Hotel, Lahore. The Chief Guest was Chaudhery Pervaiz Elahi, Chief Minister of The Punjab. Atif Mumtaz, Managing Director and CEO represented Cogilent Solutions. By winning second place, the Company was commended for its originality in HR (Human Resource) Development by providing an alternative, cost effective service which is well on its way to becoming the future of the HR Management process. This is a unique award, more so since Cogilent Solutions was established not so far back in the year 2002 and BrightSpyre was launched in August of the same year. Since its launch, the Company has been climbing securely and productively towards the fulfillment of their vision and has been making inroads all over Pakistan, business potential wise. The entire dynamic team behind the Company and its service’s success must be commended for their hard work, team spirit and belief in themselves. We wish them all the very best and hope to see them achieving much more in the coming years.

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