How many times do you check your email per day? Rather, I should be asking, how many times do you check your email per month? The most common answer I got was “twice or thrice a month”. And if I ask, how many times do you check your Facebook or twitter per day? Undoubtedly, the answer is “every time we check the phone”, that’s because everyone has got smart phones these days and mobile apps have made our lives easier and expeditious, we get connected to the world within no time, isn’t it so?

Well, the only thing I fail to figure out is, why we don’t check our emails? Is it really that hard to sign in the Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail app in our phones? All we need to do is enter in login and password and save it, rest of the work is done by our phone automatically.

The very reason why I am writing on this topic is the sight of hardship that my HR colleague had to go through while shortlisting female candidates for a Dubai based job. She had to make a phone call to almost 150 candidates who had applied for the job but didn’t check their emails to see if they got shortlisted or any other response from the employer.

That’s very unfortunate that we sometimes miss out greater opportunities just because we don’t check our emails frequently. It should be kept in mind that most of the official announcements or information are disseminated via emails because it’s the professional way of communication and it helps organizations or individuals to keep the history and track of the conversation.

The habit of checking emails is very common in Western countries, they always stay in touch with their mail box. They are very organized regarding every important activity of their lives.

Here are some suggestions to stay updated about your emails:

Make one official email ID: or is not an email ID which you will be using in your CV or other official places. You should have one separate email address, by your name, which will be your official ID and will contain only important information, e.g. or

Keep your inbox organized: Some people say that they get annoyed by receiving unnecessary emails. Well, that’s true, I too hate to see advertised email or unnecessary ones, but you can easily mark them as spam and they will not bother you again by sending notifications.

To-Do list: By deleting unimportant emails from your inbox you will be able to have a clear list of to-do list, as important emails will be at your hand and will remind you what task needs to be done.

Sign-in from your smart phone: We use phones for getting connected on social media, then why not sign-in for Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail for regular check on our emails.

By taking these simple steps, you will be able to stay well-informed about your latest happenings along with urgent updates and you won’t miss any great opportunity that is coming your way via emails.

It’s open for discussion and comments and off course the critique. That surely will help me in improving the thoughts I share.