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Employee Satisfaction

Employee remains an employee irrespective of the cadre he/she falls in. Divisions are like management, non-management, staff, junior management, executives, non-executives so on and so forth. Every organization has specified different titles for their employees but the fact remains that “they are employees”.

In an organization we find almost every day one odd employee is quitting and in some we find no employee quits even in months or years. Even within an organization it is seen that one department is productive and the other with the same matrices is producing low. Here comes the employee satisfaction.

Is employee satisfaction a hefty salary package? Is it due to fast track promotions? Trainings abroad? Well, maybe these factors contribute towards the satisfaction of an employee and I understand that the major contributory factors towards the employee satisfaction are well known to almost all the learned readers, but to me the most important of the contributing factors are:

  • The sense of being owned by the organization
  • The workplace environment, and
  • The competence of line manager

Now if we read it in reverse, the statement emerges as, “A competent line manager keeps the workplace environments so positive that the subordinate employee feels him/herself to be the integer of that organization”. When such a feeling is inculcated then no matter what the compensation package is, the employee at the end of the day will go satisfied.

Where we go wrong is when we build walls around us just to hide our incompetence and the shortfalls that our subordinates go stray and become prey to multiple ill-feelings thus having dissatisfaction on the job.

Every individual has self-respect irrespective of the position title he/she holds and that way everyone has to be given proper respect until he/she proves to be dealt otherwise. The due respect given automatically brings in the satisfaction.

I would love to have your critique, comments, additions and deletions.

Writer: Mr. Maj. Syed Naveed Kazmi (Retd)
Unit Manager (Sourcing) at FFBL
& Author of “Allah Siffar Kilometer” (The Book)
Mr. Syed-Naveed-Kazmi
Mr. Syed-Naveed-Kazmi

8 thoughts on “Employee Satisfaction

  1. Very vast and difficult topic to write on because satisfaction varies individual to individual. Their is no tool to quantify level of satisfaction for individuals but very well explained and highlighted two very import factors which every individual feel.
    Belonging/owner ship and the competency of line manager. If provided these two you can make maximum of your employees satisfied.

  2. In this article the three factors are elaborating the myth of the employee satisfaction, well written and briefly described, a good effort by the writer. Workplace and Competency of the line Manager directly effect the performance of the employees. The line manager can play an important role in alligning the task and processes of the organization according to its vision and mission. So when there is a fit between organizational tasks and objectives surely employees will work well and feel a sense of accomplishment, resulting in their satisfaction.

  3. It is true that there is a strong relationship between the business outcomes and employee’s satisfaction; however, some internal (organizational) and external (industrial) factors influence its level. One such factor is ‘Compensation and benefits’ which cannot be foregone in this economic depression; overall I appreciate the writer’s views…..Thanks

  4. 100% true..
    respected sir….. I am agree with your analysis…..I have done two internships…and in the June 2014 i have got my first job (الحمد لللہ)
    but during my first month i have faced several problem and nonsense attitude from some members of the company…so that i have decided to being quit from the company..but after one months the situation is going to better…..
    its all due to mismanagement and not giving the self respect to the worker…. Even during my stay many of the employee even at lower staff have quit…because they were not satisfied from the behavior of the mangment.

  5. Dear Hafiz Tariq,
    we must understand that giving gets you what you want. instead of bothering about others we must do the good by ourselves and i assure you that very soon you will see the things changing. Stay Blessed and all the best wishes for your professional and personal life

  6. Thanks Maj. Syed Naveed Kazmi,
    Yes these are the main core factors that you narrated (in briefly in short para) for the success of an best Organizations which care about their Employees to be productive and make Employees worth also. Every Organization should follow these rules to become happy Organizations.
    Once again thanks for these good stuff for success.

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