The most valuable asset of a company nowadays is the employees and choosing best employees isn’t easy. Companies use services of professional experts to hire employees when you need a more diversified skill sets of candidates. These experts are known to us as “Headhunters”. 

Typical, headhunters do the matchmaking. However, with the advent of online job sites the process of headhunting is now more scientific and skill-full. The online tools at BrightSpyre provides job posting, shortlisting, interview scheduling and grading tools to assist in the headhunting process. Further, instead of building resumes databank in folders it provides the facility to keep resume online and accessible from anywhere.

Traditionally in Pakistan, head-huntung services were carried out by Management consultant companies. Other type of headhunting companies use more traditional approaches. 

One of the observations we have seen that headhunters charge some amouant of salary from the job seekers. But, at BrightSpyre our headhunting arm has never charged any money from the job seekers. Our revenue model is to charge the employers for HR services but we never charge job seekers in the headhunting process.

BrightSpyre has been providing Headhunting services to its customers and is well known for its quality services. BrightSpyre have a team of professional Headhunters which makes it possible to bring out better results. As each job has its own requirements, every member of the team is specialized in a specific area.

Headhunters in BrightSpyre use specific tools and process through which they recruit employees. With the help of these tools Headhunters use their experience and techniques to examine each and every candidate and  

  This Headhunting process has following steps.

  • Identify the right job description. Many a times we work with the companies in building the right job description.
  • Advertise the job and spread this job to our growing network on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Build shortlisting criteria and shortlist the candidates based on shortlisting criteria. 
  • Interviews and assessments.
  • Selection of the best candidates and work with employers to do final selection of the best possible candidates.
  • Tools to send letters to the shortlisted and reject list candidates.

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