is launching a complete new Look from today accessible from now. Now, it better connects employers with job seekers and considerably improves the job search experience for the job seekers.

The new look is based on the principles of simplicity, better organized information , improved job search and easy new controls for job sharing. Similarly, employers can better represent their HR brand online.

What are the main improvements in the new interface.

For Job Seekers

  • New website is 2 times faster.
  • Consistent navigation throughout the website.
  • Job search box is available on top right throughout the website.
  • Now searches made on BrightSpyre are available as popular searches. This gives very useful information about what job seekers are searching on BrightSpyre. This information is useful for companies and job seekers in improving the connection between them. Hopefully, companies will be able to make informed hiring decisions based on these searches.
  • Better way to share job listings with friends through email and social networks. Now jobs can be easily shared on facebook, twitter and other social networks.
  • Job alerts option is available on top in the header. Now you can setup job alerts easily.
  • We observed that the job posting period for employers varies. Some job postings expire in 7 days of postings. Now, you can look at job postings that are expiring soon on home page. This will let job seekers to not miss the opportunity to apply for the jobs that are expiring soon.
  • We found out that first entry point to any website is a better sign up page. The user registration process is made simple and quick and it takes only seconds to signup. If you have not signed up yet with BrightSpyre, then do signup and enhance your chances of job search today.
  • We are one of the top brands on twitter and facebook in Pakistan. You can also follow us on twitter, join BrightSpyre group on LinkedIn and become a fan of our facebook page.
For Employers
  • Improved way to present your brand to million of job seekers by displaying your organizations brand in the Hiring now section on main page of BrightSpyre. (No Second Page representation, Your logo will be at first page).
  • Better way to present your brand through bigger and more visible employer spotlight. Additionally, the new site is designed on the IAB guidelines. This means that advertisements you designed according to the formats of CNN, BBC, Yahoo can run on the BrightSpyre.
  • Now you can reach to the dial up users in remote areas easily. As, we mentioned in the performance optimization that the new BrightSpyre loads in less than 40 seconds on dial up connection that is 4 times faster than other websites. So, the job advertisements on BirghtSpyre reaches to the users in town and villages all across Pakistan where DSL has not reached yet.
  • When you post a job on BrightSpyre, it is replicated to the social networks including facebook, twitter and linked In. Every job posting on BrightSpyre reaches to more than 2,000 users on these social networks. That represents one of the largest brand present on social networks today in Pakistan.
Performance Optimization
  • The new website is designed to load faster. On 56Kbps connection it takes 38 seconds to load completely, which is simply 4 times faster than the other similar websites.
  • Standards adoption. Now the new look is more standards compliant. E.g the the new website in HTML valid.
We want to better serve the community of Internet users in Pakistan. And wanted to move ahead with new ways to better connect job seekers with employers in Pakistan.

We really welcome your feedback on the new BrightSpyre site.

BrightSpyre Team

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