Whether you are recently graduated or lost your job or you are thinking to switch from current one, or ready to jump ship from your current one, the chances of your getting the new job through newspapers only are very low. Don’t worry, still there are many other platforms to use.
What your take on your resume? Read it carefully again and again and find the spots to remove and improve. Upload and update your resume on every possible platform. Either it is BrightSpyre, Linkedin or other job searching site. Ready a resume that sells you. Some of the best ways to harness your job hunt are;
1. Recruitment agencies help you with job hunt by connecting you with potential employers. Nowadays many organizations recruit through recruitment agencies. So, signup on every possible platform to maximize the opportunities of being recruited.
2. How big is your social network? How many friends do you have? Everybody knows somebody. You would have friends, friends of friends, acquaintances who might have some job opportunities appropriate for you, but maybe they haven’t thought about you. Make a list of all the people you know. Write their areas/organizations they work for. Choose those you have not met for a long. Contact them, meet them and try to identify the most influential and make a list of them. Now start working to strengthen your relationship with each so next time when they have anything appropriate to you, they don’t forget you.
3. Connect with you college/university seniors/alumni, people with whom you have worked before, people with whom you share the same values or hobbies and your class fellows. They may introduce or favor you to find a new job.
4. Use LinkedIn as it is the most powerful tool to easily connect with the right people. On LinkedIn you can connect with people from your target marketed/industry. You can directly connect with employers, general managers, HR managers of your industry.
5. Apart from LinkedIn, you may get help in finding your new jobs on Facebook and Twitter. Follow the top level executives on Twitter as it is seen that many times they Tweet new job opportunities. Many organizations use Facebook and Twitter for marketing as well as for recruiting too.
6. Singup for job alerts on different job portals as they send you automatic job updates related to your industry/market as this save you plenty time.
7. Looking online is not the only solution. Still many organizations use newspapers to advertise their jobs. So, do not ignore this traditional way of job hunting.
Remember, Stress will not work for you. Only motivation will lead you to success. The job hunt process may get long, but you have to stay motivated – your job hunt will prove successful, even if becomes dry, frustrating and disheartening but only and if only you don’t give up. Learn from your mistakes/setbacks, but always look to move ahead.