BrightSpyre is the name that does not only represents online job openings but the main purpose of the team is to be a bridge between people and opportunities. With that being said, it can clearly be seen from the efforts that we made in past 15 days only.
BrightSpyre held two main events that went successful:
1st – We launched HR Forum, by the name of BrightSpyre Nation on 9th May, 2014, which was attended by Islamabad’s most trusted HR professionals from almost all leading companies. The main purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity to the people to meet each other, collaborate and create a network of professionals, which successfully happened. 
2nd – A day spent with Ville Miettinen, on 20th May, 2014. He is one of the Finland’s and Silicon Valley’s famous name. It was Ville’s first ever trip to Pakistan and BrightSpyre team made the most of this opportunity and introduced him Pakistan in the most positively memorable way.
He is CEO of Microtask, which is known as eWork in Pakistan; it’s a work opportunity that anyone can avail by sitting at home, without having any special educational qualification of work experience, its director Mr.Faisal Chohan is a senior Ted member and has numerous work experience is programming.
So, we arranged a meetup session of all IT heads and CEO of privileged companies to meet Ville and get know his experience around the world and in IT sector. All the participants were quite happy to include him in their networks.
Then, eWork users were called upon to meet him directly and ask him questions or provide suggestions.
This Is the reason why BrightSpyre proudly says, We Connect People with Opportunities!
So, Staying in touch with us will bring you so many opportunities to connect with.