Writing a Winning Resume

According to an analysis performed recently, there will be more jobs in the 21st century than there were in any previous centuries. And the new millennium shall have more information and knowledge worker jobs than in any previous decade. At the same time, there are more people seeking more jobs than any time in the past. Hence, today”s resumes need to be a lot more attractive and marketable so that they standout among others.

Why a Good Resume

Writing a good resume is imperative. It helps the interviewer understand your skill set better. It will provide him/her with the right questions to ask. It will give a good picture of what you have done and what you can do for their organization. In short, it will assist the interviewer to make the right judgment of hiring you. Hence, the time and effort that you put into creating a resume is actually investment into your future; and better the chances of you getting noticed.

Here are a few things you must take into account when creating your resume.
Provide the facts

Your resume should always reflect what you are and not what you want to be. Being imaginative and placing fictional material on your resume can only lead to trouble. In today”s world it is easy to verify any information and past work history. Therefore, it makes no sense in lying about the facts. Information contained in the resume should be accurate and factual. This will help portray you better and more accurately during the interview and selection process.

Market Yourself

This is your chance to market your skills. Use good words to clearly express your skills and capabilities. Explain whatever you have done in the past. Do not leave out anything simply because you don”t like it. Consider information from the recruiter”s point of view. They may consider some information critical that you may think trivial. Ponder before leaving out anything.

Don”t hold anything back. Market yourself thoroughly. Any activities or hobbies that you pursue should also be part of your resume. If you are an ardent Chess or Squash Player, by all means go ahead and mention it. Sometimes, these activities score high on employer”s list.

Custom Design Your Resume

Do not create a generic resume. It is imperative that your resume reflects the job requirements that you are applying against, otherwise, it may not get as much attention as compared to other contenders. There is a good chance that there are hundreds of resumes posted against the job that you applied for. If your resume does not stand out, it may get lost in the pile. Therefore, carefully read the requirements of the job and design your resume accordingly.

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