Almost all the interviews ends with this simple question and the interviewers gives a chance to the candidate to ask for any clarity on things discussed in the interview, or just to give the impression that we are done and if you do not have any question then let’s call it a day.

Almost 90% candidates answer this question with “no thank you”.

But that should not be it, majority of the interviewers do have something in mind to ask this particular question. Most of the interviewers are checking interest of the candidate in the job and position he/she is interviewed for, and some are checking level of professionalism in the candidate that the candidate is interested in.

Even out of those 10% remaining candidates who do ask a question or two when given a chance at the end of interview, they ask about the salary or benefits or job description etc.

In my opinions, one must balance his/her interest and interviewer’s interest and ask something about organization’s or project’s future expansion, to ask about job enrichment and to let the interviewer know what else you are good at. And in personal interest, you can ask about leave encashment at the end of contract or the life insurance etc.

Please do not bother to ask about salary package as no one is going to disclose the salary package and you will get a smart answer “our salary package is not fixed and we will have to work on your salary and work history, then we will let you know soon” and you will miss the golden chance of showing your abilities and keen interest, on the other hand, interviewer will not have a good impression of yours to conclude the interview.

I will strongly suggest everyone to make the most out of this closing question.

 Writer: Shahzad Ulla Khattak
Senior Manager HR & Admin
at USAID’s Conflict Victims Support Program
Implemented by International Relief and Development (IRD)
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Linkedin: Shahzad Ullah Khattak
Mr.Shahzad Khattak - HR
Mr.Shahzad Khattak – HR Professional