Not getting your routine work done effectively? Feeling low on energy or feeling “something is missing” in the morning to start your day, just because you could not get 6 or certain hours of sleep last night? Yes, that happens to all of us! Whether we got stuck out in traffic and arrived late at home or friends planned to have a sleepover at our place on weekdays or there was any other reason that interrupted our daily routine, and made us frustrated and angry.

Life is the name of “uncertainty and constant change”. No matter how organized and controlled your life is, but there are many factors that you can’t control, whatsoever. And these uncontrollable factors are the main cause of our frustration, stress, sadness and anger.

Accepting and embracing whatever life brings to us and enjoying the experience is the key to success. Like I said, many things are out of your control and it’s always better to stay open and welcoming to change. I know it’s pretty hard for those who have set certain set of rules and beliefs to live their life in that certain way but, once you start telling your mind to open up, things will get way better for you.

Here are some things you can do to accept change more effectively:

Stop petrifying: The hardest part to accept and adopt a new thing is to let go of your previous ones. People become resistant just to hold on to the things that they like or love because feeling affection towards your favorite things and people is a natural phenomenon but we need to learn to let go. Becoming petrified is the biggest stumble block in success.

Have you ever tried doing something you are afraid of? Like, standing on the edge of a cliff or rooftop of a skyscraper, or maybe holding an animal in your hands that scared you the most. Yes! Overcoming your fear is actually what it feels like. Next level is called achievement and success once you stop getting petrified.

Evaluate positives of new change: It’s the easiest part to convince you, give rational reasons to overcome the resistance towards change. See how your life will be better and how good can it be for you to adopt a change. For example, moving to a new home or new city is very difficult and mentally disturbing but its positive sides will be to meet new people, exploring new places, finding new opportunities and living a better life.

Don’t get used to of something: Sticking to one single thing will make you its addictive (mentally, if not actually). For example, using the same shampoo or drinking same brand’s milk for years will develop your taste for that specific product and it will be hard for you to try and like other similar products. Thus, you won’t be able to face any change efficiently.

Try to change every brand and every product after every awhile, it will help you getting started at accepting big changes of life. Make your personality a flexible one.

It’s OK to mess up: Well, they say practice makes a man perfect. We, human, mostly make mistakes in the beginning, and that’s called learning part. No one is perfect in the start – haven’t we all made mistakes in driving our first car or trying out technology?

Go with the flow: This term suggests us to wholeheartedly accept whatever comes in our way. Embrace the change at all levels without getting frustrated. Your life will become more fluent and easy once you stop taking control of every little thing in your life. Trust me!

Staying positive: Yes! That’s the most important part. Seeing the best out of everything and believing that whatever is coming your way will be better than before. Every new possibility contains opportunity, so don’t turn away greatest blessings by becoming stubborn or rigid in adopting change.

So allow me to summarize this whole thing by saying, it’s all in your mind – it’s a mind game. Tell your mind good things and it will see good things only. Try to take positive charge of your mind and things will become easy for you.

Let us know how you deal with change.
Critique, comments and suggestions are always welcome.