Peshawar Tragedy – Coordinating Blood Donations

Peshawar is a city of brave people and are a victim of a national tragedy. More than 140 children are killed in school on 16th Dec, 2014. It is one of the most barbaric attack on any community in recent times, by the people who are the most isolated ones today and condemned unanimously by everyone. They don’t belong to any religion, any community and don’t have right to live on any land.

At a time of crisis, we need a better way to communicate and coordinate. And tech groups have a responsibility to think better during crisis. 

With more than hundred students injured, blood is required in hospitals. Right now, there is no shortage of blood and we can see crowds of people outside hospitals and blood banks to donate blood. 

But, we need to be organized here. So, instead of this what is 

  1. Everyone, willing to donate blood make their information available  with name, contact number and blood group.
  2. We make this information available to blood groups and hospitals. And one person can call, send message to people with the blood groups and ask for blood.

Please check this link, make your information available, if you want to donate blood and circulate to your friends. Especially the people who live in Peshawar.
Blood Bank – Peshawar Tragedy

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.52.38 PM

Blood Bank - Peshawar Tragedy

So, we are putting this small web app online. And are trying to connect both parties together. We will keep you posted with details here.