Hiring great employees plays the most important part of the success of any company. In the current technological age – where innovation provides a winning edge – people have become the most important asset in the organizations and that have made the hiring process the most important business process in the organizations. This is the reason that top management; often CEOs work with the teams to attract the most brilliant minds in the organizations.

For job-seekers, it is important to understand the companies hiring psychology for landing a job – especially important for young graduates with little experience of job search.

We at BrightSpyre work with companies from all over the world who hire great people. There are some important rules (mantras) that company follow during the hiring process and if job seekers miss any of those rules/ mantras then getting a job in that particular company is a distant possibility.

Many companies in today’s age, evaluate soft skills first and technical skills later. This means the candidates that don’t pass the soft skills test don’t reach to the technical evaluation stage and fail to land a job. Communication skills, focussing on attention-to-details, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, time-management, work-in-teams skills are some of the soft skills that employers focus in the hiring process. These companies also mention the importance of soft-skills clearly in the job descriptions.

Very early in the evaluation stage, the candidates are evaluated in-depth on the soft skills. Our work with the job-seekers tells us that many of the job-seekers focus on the technical skills but perform poorly in basic skills so it is important to understand the following items during the job search.

  • Employers review the resumes, cover-letter for judging applicants communication skills and attention to details. Any spelling errors, ill-formatting of the resumes make the first negative impression of the candidates and applicants are filtered-out of the hiring process.
  • Un-professional email addresses or headshots are an example of applicants who lack in attention-to-details and are filtered-out of the application process.
  • Employers review the email subjects, email contents during the hiring process. Applicants who don’t communicate clearly and make mistakes in email communication are filtered-out of the hiring process.
  • During the interview process, an employer may communicate multiple times for interview scheduling. Applicants that don’t appear for the interviews and don’t communicate a proper reason for missing the interview – may not get a second chance in a company. Also, applications that don’t communicate properly about the rescheduling of interviews or don’t appear on time have higher chances of getting out of the recruitment process.

Soft skills may not be taught in the university/colleges but can be learned during studies. The best way to learn the soft skills is to practice in daily routine. Making the habits of time-management, communicating clearly, learning to focus and making an efforts to put attention-to-details in your work makes the job search

By – BrightSpyre team.
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