Nursing as a promising career for young women/girls in Pakistan.
In addition to be part of a promising career and profession, Nursing is deep rooted to serve true humanity.
Nursing is one of the highest in-demand profession and un-employment in the Nursing sector is negligible, as their is consistent demand of Nurses in local and International Markets ( mainly middle-east and European markets). In local markets, Health sector in private and public domain has consistently trying to fill open positions for the post of Nurses. In addition to this, Pakistan Army, Navy and Air force offer attractive careers for Nurses.
The nursing profession was mainly considered as hospital bound but now there is a huge paradigm shift now the reality is been accepted that it’s not just a training rather a professional education with holistic approach.
Nursing profession in true sense gives the insight of feeling others pain, understanding the situation and makes you stand by another fellow human in the time of pain and despair.
How to enter into nursing career?
The ideal time to enter in this profession is after completing FSc & BSc qualification. There are many institutes that offer education in Nursing and applying to these institutes at this time is the perfect way to enter into this career. In addition, at this age,  students develop a sense of responsibility and with the professional training they will be able to understand the responsibility.
Career opportunities for Nurses
Nursing jobs are advertised regularly in newspaper and online job sites . Also the Human Resource departments of many tertiary hospitals of private sector run the campaigns by visiting Schools and Colleges of Nursing to attract the graduates.
Public sector jobs in Nursing are advertised through Provincial/Federal public service commission.
Career Choices for young graduates
For new nursing graduates the initial appointments is Nursing intern when they do not have the practice license. Once they get practice license they get the title of Registered Nurse with all the allowances according to the job title.
After getting a few years of experience, a number of career opportunities gets open for Nurses. Some of these are in

  • Administration
  • Education
  • Research
  • Specialized clinical fields (Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, transplants and many more)

Salary of the Nurses
Public Sector hires the nurses on BPS 16 the benefits of this BPS are predefined by the government. Private sector matched the same numeration for Nurses except for the pension. However the NGOs have different pay packages based on the nature of work and area covered.

This article is contributed by Miss Hajira Gul. She is working as Assistant Registrar in Pakistan Nursing Council.