Are you a leader or entrepreneur? Do you own a company? Have you made New Year resolutions for your organization? If no, make one today.

At one point of another, we all at least think once what we need to do with our lives in coming years ahead because New Year is the opportunity to start all over again, to change what you want to change in life – it’s the right time to evaluate yourself, your needs and your goals. Life will become meaningless if you don’t have any goals, even a simple housewife has near future goals like changing curtains or buying new stove, and she might have long term goals like, getting her kids admitted in schools or losing weight in 6 months etc. That’s why I always say, New Year is our door to ‘fresh start’.

Now, why do I think Corporate New Year resolution is important? That’s because personal resolutions will only benefit you or maybe your family and close friends, like I have already described in my article New Year-New Start, but if you are a leader or entrepreneur then it’s time to think big, as you will be making changes in many lives along with much betterment in your company and it will ultimately benefit you in return.

While browsing yesterday, I came across a very informative and interesting Yahoo article, written by David Pogue, he explained how big tech companies like Apple, Sony, Uber and other few made big mistakes in 2014 and what are their resolutions for 2015. Take a look here for details.

Before going any further, let me explain making resolution is not that difficult or time taking, one can simple make a To-Do List of actions. I am explaining a few important and easy points to ponder upon before you make any plan for New Year:

Invest a little more in Branding: You definitely want to increase company’s revenue and market position, right? It’s a dream of every entrepreneur to see his/her company flourishing in success, fame and profit. So, to achieve that, one must be willing to spend some amount. Because if that amount is being spent on the right thing and at the right place, it will give 2 times more benefit in return, being a young entrepreneur, I have experienced this myself. All you need is to be little generous for your business.

Align company’s goal with employee success: It’s the most crucial part for any organization. Employee like to work at a place where they have chances to grow and excel in their career. So, companies that offer growth space to employee are ranked high in business market. If leader/owner of the company realizes this fact that employees will give double output if they allow them to complete company’s task in their own way, and yes, appreciation and encouragement are its major parts.

Change things that are not workable: If some strategy or worker is not giving output and you know it, it’s time to take action about it. Because neglecting one termite will cause badly. So, such changes will not only help in saving time and investment but will also provide a step towards success.

Plan development: Make it a habit. Short term plans are more effective and productive. Start making weekly or monthly plans and you will see prominent difference in company’s progress.

Increasing Social Network: Networking is always very helpful for any individual or company. New year is a great time to develop good B2B relations in the market. Besides, management professionals should be encouraged to expand their personal and professional networks so that they too can benefit the company by utilizing them in one way or other. This process can be called as, indirect branding, and it’s a powerful too, you must have heard about word of mouth advertisement, it’s the same.

Simple, isn’t it? All above things do not need much time or energy to be added in your business’s New Year resolution. Many other points can be added as per company’s nature of work, budget, expertise and years of experience. So, look for yourself and start powerfully this year of 2015.

Happy new Year on the Behalf of BrightSpyre Team.

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