“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

  Arthur Ashe

Let’s take an example of a brand new car and a used car – A new car is smooth, cozy and gives better mileage, whereas a car that is used 5 to 7 years is weak and perform poorly, but if the same used car is given proper services and maintenance, it will also start to give better performance, better re-sale value and will overcome other weaknesses. Same goes for an individual to an organization, we all need a fresh start and smoothness to achieve the desired goal in life – but the question is “how”?

Here comes the New Year – an event that provides everyone a great yearly chance to start fresh, to start all over again. Everyone waits and celebrates New Year, in one way or other, because it has become a fashion now. But here, by fashion I mean, to at least ponder upon last year – what’s gone and what’s achieved, where we lost and where we won, what should have been done and vice versa. Because New Year gives us a clear chance to evaluate ourselves and our lives, this is where improvement comes.

I have heard many people saying it’s a difficult task, that they cannot grasp the idea of starting fresh or they have no idea how to do it. People around the world make New Year resolutions on individual levels and also on corporate levels. So, I am going to explain personal New Year Resolution in my words here:

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Analyzing previous year: Ok, I know it’s hard to remember every little thing from the entire year but all the main events and highlights could easily be jotted down on a paper. Write down all the good and bad happenings of the last year, so that you can analyze them easily. For example, losing a job, winning the competition, buying new car, getting into the fight etc. It’s not that hard, is it?

Goal Setting: This is the most important part if you really want to start fresh. After analyzing previous year, it becomes quite easy to know what should not be done, what could have been done and what needs to be done now.

Setting goals start with looking at the ‘big picture’ – what is your ultimate goal in life or at least in coming 5 years. For example, you want to own a house in coming 5 years or you see yourself working as a manger in USA etc. This big picture will allow you to find out ways to get to it.

Then you will have to cut short the big picture, as in, you will set your near future attainable goals, for example losing 10 KG weight in 1 year or completing your semester with A grade etc. such short term goals will keep you motivated.

Set roads and track your progress: Now that you have analyzed and set goals, its time to find out ways to achieve those goals. For example, if you want to own a car in coming 5 years, you might start saving some amount on monthly basis – divide the cost of the car with months you have and you’ll have the answer, much easy, right?

And don’t forget to evaluate your performance and progress to see how well you are doing to achieve your targeted goals.

So, I would recommend everyone to try this New Year – new start thing and trust me, results will be very good. You will become more satisfied person because your life will get a meaning, a motive and when that goal is achieve, you will have a sense of achievement, this will get your life in balance and will help you out in gaining what you have always dreamed of.

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