A job post, whether in newspaper or online, having a well-written job description is the very first step to receive applications from the right candidates for an open position in an organization. Poorly written job description will only derive unsuitable applicants, which will later on waste employers time when they will start shortlisting.

Posting a job or writing a job description (JD) is not as simple as it looks. The person who is responsible to post a job, should consider following things:

  • First step is job analysis, a proper research should be done on what needs to be done under that designation. Going through online job descriptions or templates will also be of great help.
  • Then, he needs to sort out exact responsibilities/duties that needs to be done at that specific vacant position,
  • A proper analysis of skills and requirements that an applicant should possess before applying for that post,
  • Required qualifications i.e. degree or certifications
  • Job Title or name of the designation
  • Summary of the level of the post
  • Job Type
  • Job timings
  • Benefits: Any incentives or positives of the job, which will encourage good candidates to apply
  • Deadline: Proper date should be mentioned.
  • Location: Where candidate will be working i.e. city. Proper address should be provided (if appropriate)
  • Company description: A good company description is always a plus when posting a job

Things to avoid while writing Job Description:

  • Unnecessary words to enlarge the sentence – Concise and accurate wording matters a lot
  • Being unclear about the responsibilities
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes – it will give really bad impression of the company

 BrightSpyre also provides templates for accurate job description, on demand.

How to Post a Job on BrightSpyre:

Posting a job on BrightSpyre’s portal is very easy and is affordable. It helps you in finding the best candidates within no time. Here are those simple steps made even simpler for you:

  • Provide Job Title, for example Associate Producer, Personal Assistant to CEO or Senior Finance Officer
  • Write complete company’s name
  • Salary is optional, you can mention it or not, whatever is suitable for you
  • Location part requires city name, where the candidate will be working in.
  • Career level is important to mention so that you can get resumes according to that
  • Job category is the working field for the applicant, for example if your company needs an engineer then choose Engineering/Technical Services
  • Then choose accurate job posting and ending date because you will not be able to receive resumes after end date, but date can be extended anytime.
  • Job Type, if its Fulltime/Permanent, Part Time, Contractual, Consultant, Internship or Apprenticeship, choose accordingly.
  • Age preference, mention it if you require people from specific age group
  • Positions: Mention how many seats are available for that particular vacancy
  • Icons represents Disable people, women or men. You can choose all three or any specified according to your requirements
  • Years of experience required to you for that job position
  • Job description: Provide relevant job description in concise and clear way to make it most understandable for the applicant.
  • Then choose Apply By: It means how you want users to apply for the job, online or through any other way. If you choose “Other” then provide its detail below
  • Click “Save” to publish the job online.

Good Luck & Happy Posting!