It’s one of the very important personality traits which depend upon the upbringing of an individual. The development starts at the post natal stage and then continues with the life. It carries a strong linkage with psychology and the psychological state of an individual which he/she develops due to the multiple environmental factors he/she faced while growing up.

Excessive pampering, over protection, un-attentiveness of parents, bed time stories, fear creations, suppressive attitude of parents/elder siblings/teachers, open/close social environments, behavior of close relations, schooling, class fellows etc. are a few factors which create lasting effects on the personality and the confidence level both. I, intentionally, mentioned these factors because these normally are not given much of weightage, whereas, to me they play the major part in developing a personality viz-a-viz confidence level.

When you are confident enough to face the real world then no one can stop you from achieving what you have aimed for. Knowing yourself (Self Realization) is the most important factor; the more you know yourself the more you get clear about your abilities and the lacking. When identified, you can have so many ways to improve upon and to explore. Where we go wrong is when we feel shy of our own selves, we hide and we go into the fantasies. Real word is much above the fantasy world.

The upbringing you went through was not your part to play but after being grown up, it becomes your sole responsibility to improve your personality traits. The best way to gain confidence is to jump into a situation which you are afraid of the most. Because you can never know the intensity of situation till the time you do not step in. It’s like standing on the bank of a water channel and thinking all the day how deep it could be. You step into it and you may find it’s hardly two feet in depth. Important thing here is that you must know how to swim as it could be deeper than you thought of. That is the point where self-realization comes in; if you are carrying a skill set then nothing must fear you.

So the deduction is that self-confidence depends mostly on the self-awareness, your will to be aware of yourself and the skill set you carry. Being self-confident is a blessing in actual as it opens up the doors of success in any field you chose to step in.

People who are self-confident demonstrate leadership skills, it’s not necessary to be on the managerial or higher level to be a leader or confident person. You can be a leader and opinion-maker of anyone around you, it can be your sibling, friend or even people who you interact with. You never know who is taking inspiration from you or looking upto you as a role model.

Have you ever observed why people who get hired to same position at the same time, having same work experience demonstrate different work abilities and few of them excel too soon in their career and others dont? That’s because self-confident people take the lead in an organization, they take stand for themselves, talk confidently and they don’t let any obstacle come in their way.

It’s our self-confidence that makes us believe in ourselves and the decisions we make on daily basis.

I am open, as always, for any critique, comments and candid opinions for my learning.

Writer: Mr. Maj. Syed Naveed Kazmi (Retd)
Unit Manager (Sourcing) at FFBL
& Author of “Allah Siffar Kilometer” (The Book)
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