BrightSpyre has got a very positive response on GIKI Job board and in a very short period of time, number of posted jobs has crossed over 100. A new concept of university Job boards which was started with GIK Institutue has gained fabulous success and importance among the universities and employers. GIKI job board has been used by around 40 different companies across all over Pakistan majorly from Karachi & Islamabad. Usage of the job board by employers based in Karachi is phenomenal because that’s where, BrightSpyre has helped employers the most in connecting them to university students despite the huge distance with the cost reducing to ZERO. Reckitt Benckiser, PEL, NetSol Technologies, TRG, Honda Atlas, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and worldcall Telecom are among the top companies who have used the GIKI job board.
This year there were about 95 GIKI students who graduated from all the disciplines and BrightSpyre provided them a platform in the form of job board where over 100 jobs were posted was remarkable.
BrightSpyre also got appreciation from different employers on taking such initiative and express BrightSpyre as “catalyst” in bridging the gap between university and employers.

Mehwish Naeem, HR personnel in Mobiserve has shared her gratitude by saying: “No doubt it’s a success for all of us. We advertised on GIKI job board and got very good CVs without any hassle. So it was a convenient and quick way to get CVs. It was truly a good idea by BrightSpyre and we all from MobiServe appreciate its effort in making it so expedient- Thank you BrightSpyre!!

Shujaat Mir –Manager Human Resource Creative Chaos – Karachi said: “I would like to thank your team for doing such a good job, and appreciate the efforts your team are making in bridging up the gap among employers and potential employees-“

Other than GIKI, BrightSpyre has also setup the job boards for FAST, NUST & PSEB (IT Job Board) Moreover, BrightSpyre is also successfully running the job boards in USA with prestigious universities like Standfoard, Harvard, Cornell & Yale. with the product line of “ personforce” –

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