Perception Needs to be Changed

“Pakistan is a Heaven for Entrepreneurs”. Sounds strange? If your only source of information is Media, this statement would definitely sound strange and a big lie to you. But what if I tell you that it is the truth, and I have got evidences to prove that?
A recent statement by CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Mr. Michael Foley is one of that. He at Brand Pakistan Conference 2015 explained why people must look beyond the media created perception of Pakistan, why they should experience limitless opportunities which the prosperous land of Pakistan offers and which Telenor is enjoying since last decade. I bet CEO’s and top management of other multinational firms like Akzonobel, Warid Telecom, Philips, Nestle & Unilever would not hesitate for a moment to endorse this testimonial.
To prove the claim I have made, I would first shed some light on why this place is not considered suitable for business by some people and how are they wrong. To start with, we need to dig deep into the reasons behind this ill-thought.
Pakistan has faced countless challenges since its creation. From wars to terrorism, from floods to earthquakes, international economic barriers, being victim of falsely labeled as terrorists, never ending political instability, corruption, religious extremism, forces deployed on all borders and what not. STILL, yes still we are capable of producing gems like Arfa Kareem right from the battle field. And yet with every passing day Pakistan keeps on moving in the right direction on the right path. I mean how can the country which is 6th most populous nation in the world, with 180+ million population of which 60% are from age group of 15-45 can be considered “A not good place for business” ?
Yes, Pakistan is not a developed country and we still fall in the category of “Developing Countries” and that exactly is my point. The entrepreneurial mind can only thrive when such GAP is available to fill. After all, Entrepreneurship is all about identifying the gap and filling it before anyone else does.
The number of Internet users in Pakistan has touched 30 Million mark. Numbers of online entrepreneurs working from home are increasing day by day. National events are happening and even International conferences are being held all over Pakistan. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at recently held IBT International event which held in Karachi in July. World renowned Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs from whole world visited Pakistan. Many after attending the event came back again and started running joint ventures with their new breed of favorite entrepreneurs from this very land.
To qualify for this heaven for entrepreneurs, we call Pakistan. Only price you will have to pay is to change your perception with facts and TAKE INITIATIVE.
Comments and suggestions are whole heartedly welcomed. Stay Blessed.
Authors Bio
Author is an HR professional, blogger and trainer.