It is not just in Pakistan that we are facing worsening security situation and an environmental uncertainty, look around and we find it happening all around the globe. The malicious designs of a few so called peace-keepers have thrown the world into an inferno. Serving their own vested interests and executing hidden agendas they ultimately have turned into the representatives of devil. May it be al-Qaeda on global front, ISIS replacing al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria or TTP on Pakistani soil, their puppeteers are the same with one point agenda and that is to create such differences between Muslims that they kill within and the puppeteer enjoys selling of their war munitions, grab the wealth belonging to Muslims and ultimately achieve the goal of ‘freemasons’.
Most unfortunate part is that a number of Islamic States are playing in their hands forgetting the true essence of Religion. The rhetoric created is passing over the heads now and one can see blood-spilling in every corner. The terrorist organizations mentioned above are headed mostly by the non-Muslims in the garb of Muslims and being funded by some of the Muslim countries aided and trained by the Americans and their allies. It is a discussion, which can only be covered by writing volumes of books and not here.
We, in Pakistan, mostly are re-active to different situations than to be pro-active. Even after so many bloodiest incidents, we have yet not learnt to be pro-active and visualize the situation in advance. I, daily, watch the policemen, army men and other LEAs, on my way to office and back to home, moving around without any precautions. I see them standing in groups unaware of their surroundings, talking on cell phones, sitting in the vehicles un-attentive, roaming around freely in the public places thus presenting a very lucrative and easy target to the terrorists and losing life in a manner ineffectual to the aim of life. As the germs are gaining more immunization, the same way these terrorists are getting more immune in breaking the orthodox defensive techniques. To counter the ruthless the only way is to be more ruthless, aware, practical and pro-active. Following are a few suggestions for LEAs present anywhere in the country:

  • Accept that we are in a state of war and the enemy is disguised as one of us.
  • Formulate security policies according to the emerging situations and improvised capabilities of the miscreants and then implement them as strictly as possible.
  • Security awareness sessions are required at all levels at regular intervals.
  • No person in uniform (police, traffic police, army, navy, air force etc.) should be allowed to move single.
  • The jawans of police (including traffic police) standing at any check post/road/installation be vigilant in a way that they cover the entire approaching axis visually and stand alert to respond to any mobile shooter. You always pay for the casual attitude.
  • At important installations you may post an early warning sentry in civil clothes on axis approaching to the point with good communication system that should be on a look out for any suspect approaching and should communicate immediately on siting any such person.
  • It is mostly observed that rear portions of the official vehicles are left vacant which allows a miscreant to engage from the rear portion of the vehicle (as happened in Karachi on Dec 1st, 2015. Rear portion of any official vehicle must not be left vacant. A person with loaded weapon should always be sitting back there in a befitting manner to spot any miscreant approaching.
  • Our police troops are the best ones if they are kept out of the political influence. Almost every police station has its sources in the area of responsibility and they are the eyes and ears of the Station House Officer, if that setup is strengthened thru a rational approach, I am sure no miscreant can hide anywhere. This watch system will positively give way to a pro-active approach.
  • Now even the villages have their FM Radio stations, announcements with regards to security situation be made a regular feature on every FM station with regular intervals.

There is so much more to write about it but lengthening it any further will lose the effect. With awareness created amongst all the tiers of society about the security situation, I am positive that we as a nation will be able to deal with these devils in a pro-active and professional way. No mercy for the mercy-less beasts and no humanity for inhuman infidels.
Disclaimer; BrightSpyre does not have an ideological or political slant. Each author represents only themself and their own opinion.