Cogilent Soltutions
“Working on solving big problems” is the tag-line you see when you will visit cogilent corporate site ( In the nascency of Information Technology industry, at the times of formation of cogilent solutions, back in year 2002 – we had similar dreams.
Cogilent solutions has its pride in putting up one of the very early Internet business in Pakistan. In 2002, the team had vision and launched, one of the very early software as a service platform- helping companies to hire talent through Internet.
With the passage of time, the team found out that they are more helpful for people looking for job opportunities. This is evident from its 1.3 million registered members base – and thousands of candidates found jobs through brightspyre. This is evident that one of the leading call center hired more than 1,000 staff in Karachi by using brightspyre recruitment platform.
The journey has led the company craft a clear vision “working on solving big problems” and one of the main problem the company is working on – solving un-employment problem. One in every three person in Pakistan is between the age of 20 to 40 – youth needs to have work opportunities. Scale this problems to developing countries in Asia and Africa. More than 1.2 billion people are actively looking for work.
Our team believes this is one of the most important problem to solve that humanity faces today. Cogilent team spends its time in solving un-employment issues  with its following projects  1.3 million registered members community. Helping people find job opportunities. At the same time connecting companies with work opportunities.  Focused on connecting un-employed, youth, disabled community with work opportunities. Here we helped hundreds of young people train and gave them work opportunities. Many of un-employed people be in towns or remote parts of the country have earned thousands of dollars through our platform.
Software development – The core strength of Cogilent solutions is writing computer programs. We are here to write better software that helps our customers achieve their digital goals.  During 2010 floods in Pakistan, it launched ‘‘ to report and map flood information using Ushahidi platform which  resulted in its worldwide media coverage in Deutsche Welle, Christian Science Monitor and Yahoo News,, WIRED UK, IRIN News, Geospatial world, Amnesty International, Crisis Camp, BBC,TED, etc.
Corporate Trainings – In addition to that, HCM Division of Cogilent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, are proud partners in training the professionals and novices at Corporate Best Practices, The Soft Skills, HSSE&Q, The Corporate and Generalized Security Aspects and handling Security Issues. Cogilent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has a team of specialized people on their board available for onsite trainings and consistently turns out people who are able to connect new people to new ideas and network opportunism across the nation. We conduct best in class trainings for our customers. Also, we have conducted career counseling seminars for youth and students at a scale that no other company has done in Pakistan so far.
Key HR Services – Cogilent’s HCM division provides complete Human Resource Outsourcing solutions. It manages complete hire to retire work-cycles for the organizations that use it and also can efficiently manage an organization’s focus on upgrading their work, and scale, quickly.
Career Counselling for Students and Graduates – Cogilent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has had the privilege to conduct the career counselling seminars with the name ‘Stepping into Practicality Program’ (S.I.P). In S.I.P (Stepping into Practicality Program) for graduating students, the prime aim is to make the youth aware of the market realities, trends and practices so that they can get into it with full confidence and awareness of how to become employed. The company has successfully conducted S.I.P sessions at School of Economics (QAU), NUST, SZABIST, APCOMS and The City University, Peshawar.
The people behind Cogilent are a group dedicated to help the nation of Pakistan in becoming the best in the world. We see our nation, not as a third world nation, but as a nation where those, who at first, have simply not been recognized or connected to the opportunity compatible to their skill set, be made available an opportunity that suits them the best and that is what we do at Cogilent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.