Social media marketing is a rage these days. Everyone is actually planning to enter into the business of social media marketing. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are actually trying real hard to pitch and market their products and services through different social networks; by marketing them on them as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are just a few names to mention which are actually leading the game of social media marketing.

In Pakistan, Social media marketing is developing at a very fast pace. Being associated with the field of digital marketing (content and social media marketing) and digital branding for the last 8+ years, I often get queries from students, younger colleagues and budding entrepreneurs that what sort of myths are associated with social media. On the basis of my experience, observation and analysis, following are a few Myths which I think should be known by the marketers as well as the business-owners.

Today, we place orders from FoodPanda, EatOye and Delivery Chacha; on the contrary we buy deals and gifts from Deal Today and Daraz.Pk, this in itself is a huge step for Pakistanis toward the development and strengthening of social media business. Coming back to the myths associated with social media, following are 4 common myths associated with social media.

Myths About Social Media:

With everything in Pakistan, myths are complementary associated. As if they come in handy. Similarly with social media for startups certain myths are associated; let’s discover what these myths are!

  • Myth # 1: Social media is free

Reality: Social media is free, but time and efforts aren’t. Nothing is absolute free in business world. Right?

  • Myth # 2: Brand awareness and loyalty is created in a jiffy on social media

Oh really? More than half of the world is on social media but do they have customer loyalty or brand awareness? One should understand the difference between loyalty and brand awareness, brand awareness can be – I repeat, can be, created in some time but building customer loyalty is an ongoing process directly dependent upon nature and level of services and products.

  • Myth # 3: Social media is just so very easy!

Okay, go ahead and do it poorly then calculate the results. Nothing is easy as long as it done wrongly. Even walking needs calculative steps, to reach to a destination. Social media is no rocket science either all you need to do is understand your product, niche and target market. Share what your audience wants to see, read and get involved with.

  • Myth # 4: Things go viral on social media

I have heard a hundred times from clients, students and young entrepreneurs that they want their business or idea to go viral! It’s just like winning a lottery, how many of the entire population win a lottery? Going viral is possible but extremely rare, if it’s not then start counting the viral marketing concepts by giant businesses.


Social media has definitely changed the world and people living in it. Businesses and individuals are on social media networks and platforms for satisfying their respective needs. Online startups are doing great nowadays because of social media push. Within minutes you can get genuine likes and target market on your social media business page. Keep following the rules or create your own, the business world is very fertile.

Shafiq Siddique
Shafiq Siddique Expert Blogger

Author’s Bio:
Shafiq Siddiqui is a Digital Brand & Marketing Strategist with over 8 plus years of experience in content writing and marketing along with handling multiple social media accounts for businesses. He loves to blog and cover events. He tweets @shafiqulhasan81