Shahid Sultan

Manager Administration

Internews Pakistan

Job search is always a tough job itself. There are many job hunting sites but I found brightspyre one of the reliable and much authenticated. I have my account on Brightpsyre since last few years. I am glad to announce that I got my current job through Brighspyre and I prefer to hunt jobs through Brighspyre.I can have easy and reliable access to thousands of jobs on my one click through BS.
Best of Luck to all Job Seekers.

Muhammad Qasim

My name is Muhammad Qasim working as Logistics Advisor in an International organization and I have been hired through Brightspyre job hunting website.

I came back to Pakistan November 2011 completing my 18th month mission from Haiti (Central America) in the response of earthquake 2010 as Logistics Manager. When I came to Pakistan I was looking for the right door to find to right job within right time I registered myself on Brightspyre website and I started receiving jobs alerts accordingly and I did apply for the job through Brightspyre and got right job by Brightspyre in very short time.I believe Brightspyre is the right door, right source to find right job in right organization on right time which put your career into right direction for the future aspiration and career growth.Brightspyre is the way where young and experienced professional can explore theirs, Qualification, skills, and experience for the right organization and better future career growth and advancement in their particular field.I am very thankful to Brightspyre by using it I got right job on right time and I wish best of luck that using Brightspyre job searching.

Omparkash Bhatia
Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Internews Pakistan

Ofcourse this is a good resource to find and to get job. I am regular surfer of this portal and I also get regular information. This is the reason I found job in Internews Europe and finally I got it. But this also needs some followup process to get reasons for not considering the candidate by Brightspyre or an organization and there should be some suggestions for candidate to improve for further. At this stage I can say that I am successful user of this source.

Testimonial from PMN:

We have recently hired a Research Associate using the job advertising services of Brightspyre. The use of BrightSpyre’s services made the hiring process much easier for us, in terms of both savings in time as well as reduced time span of the recruitment and selection process itself. We were able to narrow down to the most relevant candidates, on the basis of short listing carried out by Brightspyre using the eligibility criteria that we had developed for the position in question. We then administered a short skills based test to the short listed candidates, followed by interviews to select our final candidate.

Based on our experience, I strongly recommend that employers make use of BrightSpyre’s recruitment services to meet their HR requirements and hire the best available individuals in the job market.   

Testimonial from Hira Arshed: PMN

Hired for “Research Associate”
I got my job directly from Brightspyre, which makes it a prime source of job hunting for me. So much so that
after I got my job, I recommended everyone to keep an eye on BrightSpyre, and that they wouldn’t really need to go through news papers or other job sites while using Brightspyre.

Other features, besides access to a comprehensive, updated database of jobs, Brightspyre has a very user friendly interface that lists all the jobs with upcoming deadlines, locations, and especially the “closing in 72 hours” box that enables me to keep up with my deadlines.  In addition, the job application process is much easier than other site portals.
I believe that Brightspyre has great potential to improve their systems, even then it is still the best place for job hunting due to its variety of job listings, and I would highly recommend that every job seeker must stay tuned to it.

Basit Nadeem
Television Mentor, Internews Pakistan  has helped me format my resume to the highest standards available to attract the right employersand I got job in Internews europe by applying through

Thank you brightspyre and I definitely recommend you to jobs seekers.

InamUllah: Logistics Management Information Advisor.

In this era of recession finding a good job has become very tough.  But I must say that BrightSpyre played a very important role in my life. I uploaded my cv and after a very short period of time I received an interview call from Brightspyre and final interview call from JSI International NGO. I got hired in JSI through BrightSpyre.I am very thankful to BrightSpyre who helped me getting my dream job. I hope it will support me in future as well.

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