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A Christian Humanitarian Organization, Dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tracking the path of poverty and injustice.
Brightspyre providing services to world vision since 2009 in the areas of job advertisement, job portal, HR solutions and now designed a complete Pay Roll system.
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Faisal Chohan, a Senior TED Fellow, pitched Saaf Pindi — a mapping project with a mission of improving sanitation, and therefore preventing cholera, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Cholera is the second leading cause of death in South Asia, made particularly rampant by unsafe sanitation conditions. In fact, only 18% of Pakistanis have access to proper sewerage infrastructure. Chohan proposes using open mapping technology to track where un-treated waste is being dumped into rivers and canals near people’s homes. Subsequent stages will include mapping hospital reports on water borne diseases to keep citizens informed.

John Snow, Inc., and our nonprofit JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., are public health management consulting and research organizations dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities throughout the world.

They have chosen brightspyre for hiring of their top managers and decision making head of departments. Brightspyre completed that task within given time span and got appreciation.

Microfinance sector provides basic financial services to the poor. It’s a unique industry with double bottom-line objectives. It is thus imperative to have financially viable and robust organizations and industry in order to achieve our social objectives of financial inclusion and social changes. Thus recruiting and retaining good quality human resource base is an important ingredient for this industry to achieve its dual objectives with efficacy.
Brightspyre designed Salary survey report and made effective head hunting for MFN. The purpose and scope of the study is to provide overview and comparisons of the salaries both within the microfinance industry and with its competitive industries that is the NGO and banking sector.
Salary comparisons within the microfinance sector
Microfinance sector comprises of close to 45-50 organizations. 8 of the organizations are mainly in the financial industry (MFBs) and remaining are not for profit organizations called MFIs. The size of the organizations varies from minimum of 19 to maximum 1,429 employees.
A broad brushing of salary scales of the microfinance industry indicates a maximum monthly salary of Rs.1.9M at the senior management level with a minimum salary of Rs.7k at the lower management level.

 Pakistan has important strategic endowments and development potential. The country is located at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, China and the Middle East and is thus the fulcrum of a regional market with a vast population, large and dicerse resources, and untapped potential for trade. The increasing proportion of Pakistan’s working-age population provides the country with a potential demographic dividend but also with the critical challenge to provide adequate services and increase employment.
GDP growth
Bright spyre developed world bank Intranet, to connect world bank offices in Pakistan.
We at brightspyre have another pride of developing website for world bank Pakistan.

Premier knowledfe management company on technology up gradation and related skill and the first choice of the Government of Pakistan, provincial governments and multi funding agencies to implement initiatives to enhance innovation,creativity, entrepreneurship and competitiveness at the firm’s level. TUSDEC uses for hiring of its most senior managers.
Crown Agents is an international development specialist working with leaders across the world to make profound changes to systems, organisations and society. Our expertise in public finance, banking, investment, institutional development, supply chain and training enables governments to increase prosperity, reduce poverty and improve health. We take on challenging work and deliver extraordinary results time and time again. People choose and return to Crown Agents because we are resourceful and honest with the know-how and tenacity needed to achieve lasting change
Crown Agent, do their top level head hunting through

ACF works to improve the lives of vulnerable populations throughout Pakistan. ACF provide emergency relief after natural disasters, give lifesaving treatment to malnourished children, and run longer-term programs that ensure sustainable access to food and income.
Brightspyre helps ACF in their emergency hiring via advertising and short listings of right candidates. 

FFBL is the only fertilizer complex in Pakistan producing DAP fertilizer and Granular Urea thus making significant contribution towards agricultural growth of the country by meeting 45%
of the demand of DAP and 13% of Urea in domestic market
Brightspyre is maintaining its complete career portal, with on-line roll numbers which are useful in on-line test and interview process.

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