Cogilent Solutions provides Job opportunities for both male and female who want to earn money while staying at home through online data entry job.

“I have worked very, very hard and the hardest I worked the luckiest I got”  

Cogilent solution provide a progressive platform of great vision which aspires for advancement and prosperity through online services, online data entry projects, online earnings, HR solutions, online social welfare, advertisements and various other projects.

The students in Pakistan and many other countries are fond of using internet. The main reason for using internet could either be some help required in studies or getting in touch with friends through the social networking websites. However if the use of internet can help students make some handsome amount of money per month this would probably be the best use of internet they can make doing certain online jobs from home.
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General Statistics:
If we grow our share in the virtual economy to 2%, then we can generate $100 million of revenue and can generate more than 1 million job opportunities. Keeping in mind this goal we are launching Pakistan has less than 1% of the share in the global virtual economy that has grown to more than $5 billion industry and is currently dominated by China, India and Philippine. If we grow our share in the virtual economy to 2%, then we can generate $100 million of revenue and can generate more than 1 million job opportunities. We want to scale the platform access to 10,000 youth through engagement, capacity building and training of the youth through intrinsic growth model where people who will get trained will become master trainers to spread this project in their community and through online platform Keeping in mind this goal we launched
How it Works

In virtual economy digital tasks are crowd-sourced to world workforce connected through Internet globally. The most common areas in crowd-sourcing workforce are; gold farming in games, micro work and professional services like graphics design & content generation. E-work is online project in which you can earn while sitting in home.

After log In
1.       Select any task that you want.
2.       Task are categorized on
3.       After entering the task, there are separate instructions for each and every task. Before attempting any task, read the instructions first to completely understand the tasks.
4.       When you start the task for the first time, you have to do the “Training Mode” first. In training mode you have to correct at least for tasks to actually start your work and earn. After completing the Training Mode your earning will start.
5.       There is accuracy level for each task. You have to maintain your accuracy more than 80%. If your accuracy decreases below 80%, the employer of that task will ban you for that task and you will not be able to perform that task anymore.
6.       There are points for each task. You get 56 rupees on completing 100 points
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