Going to shopping is pretty much equally interesting for every woman, whether it’s for beauty products, home furniture or to buy gifts for friends and family. The time spent in shopping is never a waste for us (girls), but this experience can become really annoying if the salesperson doesn’t get it right. Sometimes sales persons can become very questioning or keep on commenting about products, and sometimes they can become so ignorant as if they didn’t even notice you standing there *sobs*.

Shopping is just the right example to explain the value of a sales person. Same is the case in jobs market. If you are selling something then sell it in a way that the buyer won’t be able to resist or raise a question about it, leaving them fully satisfied before purchase should be your main aim. I know much about sales as I have my own clothing business and I have been much into customer dealing stuff.

“Right or wrong, the customer is always right” said by Marshall Field, a famous entrepreneur, because if you are going to tell your customer he/she isn’t right, then so is your product/service. Customer satisfaction is the basic key to sales success, and there are number of ways to achieve it but today, I am going to discuss the worth of replacement of just one word, i.e. ‘why’ with ‘what’.

Knowing what your potential customer wants is quite easy, but it won’t let you hit the right target while aiming for sales success to close a sales deal, but knowing why your customer wants that thing is crucial and will let you win the game.

For example, you own or work at a car showroom and a customer comes in looking for cars, you will greet him and start a conversation with him, probably he is going to tell you what is he exactly looking for and since we are talking about cars, he will probably tell you his affordability range in price. So if he wants to buy a jeep try to brainstorm the possible reasons behind his purchase, like:

  • Adventure lover,
  • Bigger family,
  • Luxury or style lover,
  • Travels a lot, etc.

Then try to get in his mind and explore the “why” aspect instead of telling him qualities and what good that jeep offers. Customer also gets bored or annoyed if the salesperson starts to sell something directly because it seems forceful or even imposing, buyer would always approach the sales person who he thinks clearly understand the idea in his mind.

So the logic behind sales success is to figure out the reason of purchase, whether it’s a product or service, and then try to relate logics, good offers and qualities of a sale item accordingly because customer will consider buying it if he hears from you what he actually want to know. Once you know the reason for his purchase and convince him according to those reasons, I am pretty sure you will end up closing the sales deal successfully.