So BrightSpyre has been guiding students and providing free individual career counselling around Pakistan but this was the first formal career counselling seminar at NUST EME College, Rawalpindi.


The seminar was held on 17th of April, 2015, at the auditorium of EME College, Rawalpindi. Students of final year showed enthusiasm, discipline and interest in getting properly guided by our HR professionals.

Mr. Syed Naveed Kazmi, Director HCM of Cogilent Solutions, was the guest speaker there, having extensive knowledge in HR and retired Army Major, he had been sharing his experiences and knowledge with everyone around Pakistan and even abroad.

Mr.Syed Naveed Kazmi, while seminar
Mr.Syed Naveed Kazmi, while seminar

S.I.P – Stepping Into Practicality was the title and the main purpose of this seminar was to bridge the knowledge and information gap in the minds of the students and give them a clear picture of what lies ahead. As, trends in job market keep on changing rapidly and it becomes hard for students to compete in such a tough sector where almost everyone is number 1, besides, many teachers are unaware of latest happenings and latest demands of this professional sector. So BrightSpyre took the initiative to introduce professional market to upcoming fresh graduates of NUST and many other universities.

Inside the auditorium while seminar
Inside the auditorium while seminar

The seminar lasted for almost an hour and it concluded following topics:

Finding the passion and how to pursue career in it

How to stay updated on latest job’s market trends

Importance of internships

What are Management Trainee Programs

How to make an impactful CV that stands out

And finally, hidden secrets behind appearing and passing an interview.

Complete pictures gallery of BrightSpyre’s Career Counselling Seminar could be find on our Flickr account. Click here.

BrightSpyre is looking forward to conduct more seminars in different universities and guide as many students as possible as, we connect people with opportunities.