In the evening, while offices get closed, often the roads get jam because of traffic, and in these irritating moments, some people won’t stop blowing up their car’s horns, which shows their level of frustration and if you ask them to please don’t make it noisy they reply, “ap ko kia g? mein jo marzi kroon”. Here, most of the time, the problem with them is that they are exhausted in their offices. On the other hand, some people will be seen as enjoying to music or having text messaging on cell phones in their vehicles or on the walking strip of the roadside and it can be guessed that they are not upset at all in this creepy route to home.

I studied that there can be number of hypothesis to define why people seems groggy while coming to their homes after the office. But, I will comment on one of the issues that they are exhausted because of working hard in their professional life to compete with labour market.

I think, everyone has unique ways and styles to overcome such things, but here, I would suggest: work smarter not harder formula to avoid exhaustion and tiresome at the end of the day. Below are some tips to get you more smarter at work:

Plan for each day

You make commitments through dates of month, but you spend your time in days. You have to be smart enough to plan for your commitments through each day. If you start your day by asking yourself that what you have to perform today?  Then make a list, plan how to pursue each task? What is the most efficient way to do it? Evaluate the action plans and select one of them for each task to be performed in the day and start with first entry. This is one of the ways to work smartly.


Make to do list and update it on daily basis. At the top, state the most important task for the day and then the lesser important and so on. You are your calendar, so write it according to your easiness and goals to be completed. After prioritizing your tasks, the next step is to allocate the time, keeping in mind the deadlines for each task.

Stay away from Distractors

There are numbers of things that create distraction in your work, and so decrease your performance and makes you to work hard to reach the goals. Therefore it is needed to try and keep away from these time wasting elements such as social media sites, mobile phones and chatty colleagues. As already described in detail, by Arzoona Khalid, while describing distractors at workplace and how to avoid them. Read full article here.

Take Rest

Mental and physical fatigue is always there for those who work under any circumstances. And whenever you feel tired, your efficiency decreases and even a routine work demands hard work to complete it, so take rest, get up of your chair and walk a bit, this can be a little time rest but organizations have their proper time allotted for lunch break, weekly off days and annual leaves to give you rest. The policy of organizations is to keep you mentally and physically fresh and make you work smarter.

Make Closing Habit

In the closing time of your office make it a habit to have a plan for tomorrow. As in the closing hour you know almost all the task to be performed during the next day, so make a list and try to prioritize you next days’ tasks.

Don’t Over Burden yourself by Over Promising

Everyone knows his or her efficiency and output level, so never over promise you supervisor regarding any thing you can’t achieve, as this will over burden you and in the end you will need extra efforts and time out of your rest.

Organizational Culture and Team Work

The organizational culture has the power to set the mood of work. It should be cooperative and light, and although each individual member has his own tasks, and duties, the culture should support and make him feel that he is working in a team of his choice.

Scientific Management

W. Taylor as “Father of Scientific Management” emphasized to develop one best way to perform a task. This concept is the most valuable view to make employees smart. Everyone must develop and understand the most efficient and valuable way to perform his/her job.

In the end, I believe you have your own points regarding the matter, but I would suggest that every person needs to utilize both concepts of hard and smart working, and only then, he or she may be, able to compete in the global scenario. But, there is need to understand when and where we need to be smart and where to be hard. I believe, we should think hard and this will make us smart, automatically. As, it was said by an anonymous scholar, “If I have to complete a task in 20 days, I shall think for 19 days how to do it, and will do it in the last day”.

“Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author’s Bio:

Ahsan ali cogilent solutions
Ahsan ali

A young scholar and researcher, Ahsan Ali is a committed HR professional and trainer at Cogilent Solutions (Pvt.)